Paul Krugman Plays the Fool: 'White Rural Rage' Is 'Single Greatest Threat Facing American Democracy'


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“Distinguished” economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman is back with another ridiculous op-ed, gang. This time, the elitist, bubble-dwelling left-winger made a complete fool out of himself by declaring “white rural rage” is the “single greatest threat facing America” today.

Not only did Krugman fail to connect the dots between “white rural rage” and whatever “single greatest threat” he concocted in his TDS-riddled brain, but he also failed to provide a single example of how this alleged rage is manifested.

In other words, yet another out-of-touch crock of crap from Mr. Krugman.

In a Monday NYT op-ed titled “The Mystery of White Rural Rage,” Krugman hyperbolically wrote (emphasis, mine):

[P]rogress isn’t painless. Business types and some economists may talk glowingly about the virtues of creative destruction, but the process can be devastating economically and socially for those who find themselves on the destruction side of the equation. This is especially true when technological change undermines not just individual workers but whole communities.

This isn’t a hypothetical proposition. It’s a big part of what has happened to rural America.

This process and its effects are laid out in devastating, terrifying, and baffling detail in “White Rural Rage: The Threat to American Democracy,” a new book by Tom Schaller and Paul Waldman. I say “devastating” because the hardship of rural Americans is real, “terrifying” because the political backlash to this hardship poses a clear and present danger to our democracy, and “baffling” because at some level I still don’t get the politics.

Krugman doesn’t “get the politics” because his brain, like all left-wing brains, is consumed with all things Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans. Sure, progress — pushed by technology — can be difficult for blue-collar America. We get that. But where is the “white rural rage,” Mr. Krugman, and how is it the single greatest threat to America, given that we have hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from all over the world flowing into this country monthly?

And how is “white rural rage” a clear and present danger to our democracy when we see repeat violent offenders regularly released to the streets of Democrat-run cities, often until they commit horrific crimes? I could continue, but please.

Later in his op-ed — which I found somewhat humorous — Krugman touched on wealth redistribution, the favorite tool in the Democrat toolbox.

The decline of small-town manufacturing is a more complicated story, and imports play a role, but it’s also mainly about technological change that favors metropolitan areas with large numbers of highly educated workers.

Technology, then, has made America as a whole richer, but it has reduced economic opportunities in rural areas. So why don’t rural workers go where the jobs are? Some have. But some cities have become unaffordable, in part because of restrictive zoning — one thing blue states get wrong — and many workers are reluctant to leave their families and communities.

So shouldn’t we aid these communities? We do. Federal programs — Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and more — are available to all Americans but are disproportionately financed from taxes paid by affluent urban areas. As a result, there are huge de facto transfers of money from rich, urban states like New Jersey to poor, relatively rural states like West Virginia.

Again, did you see a single word of explanation about Krugman’s “white rural rage” or the “clear and present danger” created by this “rage”?

Krugman’s elitist snobbery boiled over:

In the crudest sense, rural and small-town America is supposed to be filled with hard-working people who adhere to traditional values, not like those degenerate urbanites on welfare, but the economic and social reality doesn’t match this self-image.

What’s “crude,” Mr. Krugman, is how you look down your nose at small-town America.

What Krugman Op-Ed Would Be Complete Without Bashing Donald Trump?

I found the following two paragraphs to be most irritatingly humorous.

While these transfers somewhat mitigate the hardship facing rural America, they don’t restore the sense of dignity that has been lost along with rural jobs. And maybe that loss of dignity explains both white rural rage and why that rage is so misdirected — why it’s pretty clear that this November a majority of rural white Americans will again vote against Joe Biden, who as president has been trying to bring jobs to their communities, and for Donald Trump, a huckster from Queens who offers little other than validation for their resentment.


The result — which at some level I still find hard to understand — is that many white rural voters support politicians who tell them lies they want to hear. It helps explain why the MAGA narrative casts relatively safe cities like New York as crime-ridden hellscapes and rural America as the victim not of technology but of illegal immigrants, wokeness, and the deep state.

Who in the hell is Paul Krugman to declare the “loss of dignity” among hardworking rural Americans? 

This weasely snob doesn’t have a shred of dignity in his body. Moreover, he couldn’t give a damn about rural Americans. He knows it. We know he knows it. And he knows we know he knows it.

And who is Krugman to rebuke “the MAGA narrative” while the Democrat Party exists on narrative after narrative — again, not giving a damn that we see through their hollow narratives because they’re preaching only to the low-information, rank-and-file Democrat peanut gallery? 

Stuff a sock in it, Paul. Or, keep embarrassing yourself. Either way, you’re a joke.


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