Court Rules Kristina Karamo Was Properly Removed As Michigan GOP Chair on Jan 6th


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The Michigan POTUS primary election is Tuesday, but people who care about this state are not paying attention to that because they know that.

Donald Trump will crush Haley on the GOP side.

Biden will stumble to a victory on the Democrat’s side.

Yet those people who, as I mentioned above, actually give a damn about this state improving from where it is currently and improving into the future are watching what happened in a court case involving former Michigan GOP chair Kristina Karamo.

Let’s go to the MSM tale of the tape right here.

Kristina Karamo was properly removed as chair of the Michigan Republican Party last month, a Kent County judge ruled Tuesday, issuing a preliminary injunction requiring her to relinquish control of GOP assets. 

The decision marks a stinging legal defeat for Karamo, who has continued to oversee bank accounts and official party communications amid a leadership fight with former Ambassador Pete Hoekstra, whom critics chose to replace her. 

Plaintiffs who sued Karamo to force her out, including co-chair Malinda Pego, are “likely to prevail at trial” because they removed her in a Jan. 6 meeting “pursuant to party bylaws,” Judge J. Joseph Rossi said in a bench ruling.

Party by-laws are just another way to say THIS IS HOW YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO RUN @#$%

Critics used “sharp-elbowed tactics” to oust Karamo, and she was ultimately voted out by a “minority of members” on the Michigan GOP state committee, Rossi acknowledged. 

But political actors often achieve their goals using rules or procedural maneuvers, the judge continued, noting presidents have won the White House without winning the popular vote because of the Electoral College. 

“The majority does not always win,” he said.

The Electoral College reference should be pretty familiar to Republicans across the country because Donald Trump lost the popular vote in 2016 but won the presidency via that same electoral college.

Now, I’m just going to admit up front that Karamo raised some flags for me right around last year, just after she was elected Michigan GOP chair.

Michigan GOP Chair Kristina Karamo Broke My Heart but Ultimately Proved Me Right About State GOP HQ

The latest installment of the Michigan Republican Follies comes in the form of news that the newly elected Michigan GOP chair Kristina Karamo has decided to abandon the Michigan GOP headquarters in Lansing, Michigan. There is nothing really wrong with the building, but she decided that it was time to move party operations across the state and use a P.O. Box out of Grand Rapids for an official mailing address.

How 21st century is that?

From The Detroit News

Kristina Karamo, the new chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party, announced Monday she doesn’t plan to use the GOP’s longtime headquarters in Lansing, a development that represents a significant shift in the party’s operations.

Karamo, a frequent critic of the so-called Republican “establishment,” contended there were better ways to expend donors’ contributions than paying a trust, run by former party chairs, that controls the property. It would cost about $12,000 a month to keep operating out of the building, wrote Karamo and her co-chair, Malinda Pego, in an “update” email to Republican activists.

“Instead of paying a lease/rent to ‘a trust’ that is claiming we can’t even see the trust documents, and instead of attempting to repair the building that does not belong to MIGOP, we shall not be making use of this building given that, to do so, does not represent best use of fundraising dollars,” Karamo and Pego wrote.

That was just the beginning, and it went downhill quickly from there.

After the Michigan GOP meeting on Mackinac Island in September of 2023, which is usually a vast highlight and gathering for not only the Michigan Grand Old Party but from Republicans around the country, which was depicted by some as an abject failure, I knew  Kristina’s time as GOP chair was numbered.

I confirmed my suspicions with Matt Wilk, an attorney involved in GOP politics, about the meeting to remove Karamo as chair on January 6th earlier this year. When I asked him if he had ANY DOUBT if Karamo was removed legally, he responded, “100% no doubt.” I knew my original hunch was correct. My interview with Matt and his reaction to today’s preliminary injunction via X is below.

Duke Over America Episode #264 – the Curtain Is Closing on Kristina Karamo: Conversation With Matt Wilk

Wilk said:

Today’s ruling was a complete and total vindication of the position of much of the Party that Kristina Karamo was validly removed. The judge carved through each and every argument presented by her team–contrary to what she told her followers, the meeting was validly called, properly attended, and a sufficient vote cast. On January 6th she was, in the eyes of the law, removed as chair. As such, nothing she did since then, including an attempt to ban members of the committee from the Party for five years, is valid. 

I hope this ends our ordeal, but I fear it does not. We should welcome back into the party members that were misled, but we should hold to account those who did the misleading. We’ll elect delegates on Saturday, but the true fight–to win in November–has just begun.

Unfortunately, this debacle has made a colossal mess in Michigan. In my opinion, this is a blue state for Statewide elected officials and has been compromised for 2024. That does not mean that some local state houses and state senate races cannot be turned to a Republican seat to possibly stop the damage being done by both state houses and the Senate being run by Democrats with a Democrat Governor. 

If there is a bright side to this removal of Karamo, that will be it; being the new chair, Pete Hoekstra might not be exciting, but he is competent.

After the past 11 months, I will take competent over bar trivia host, any time.

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