HOT MESS: Karine Jean-Pierre Flubs Questions on Biden Cognitive Test, the Border, and Laken Riley


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When there are no good answers, no amount of talent will cover up that fact. Certainly, someone who lacks talent at the level of Karine Jean-Pierre stands no chance at spinning Joe Biden’s problems effectively. 

That was on display again on Wednesday as the president’s embattled press secretary flubbed inquiry after inquiry. On Biden’s cognitive situation, Jean-Pierre insisted that he “passes a cognitive test every day.” 

Does he, though, Karine? Does he?

Look, if the everyday workings of the presidency are a cognitive test for Biden, then he’s failing miserably. This is a guy who can’t give a public speech without producing numerous viral clips showcasing his severe mental decline. It’s a good day at the White House when the president manages not to trip boarding Air Force One and confuse the President of Egypt with the President of Mexico.

The counter from Jean-Pierre continues to be that the broader results of Biden’s policy decisions tell the real story. I’d beg to differ given the world is in its most dangerous state in decades while the Southern border continues to be a full-blown crisis. Never mind the sky-high credit card debt among Americans as they struggle to make ends meet in the face of astronomical cumulative inflation. 

Jean-Pierre ended the segment on Biden’s senility by stating that his doctors won’t be allowed to brief the press because the White House wants to bring back the “norm” of not doing so. Left unsaid in that excuse is that there’s nothing normal about an 81-year-old president who looks like a nursing home patient when he walks. Even if past presidents didn’t bring in their doctors to offer assurances, the guy who can’t read a sentence off a teleprompter competently isn’t like past presidents. 

On the border crisis, Jean-Pierre was pressed about Biden’s coming trip to Texas on Thursday. As RedState reported, that was put on the schedule in an apparent attempt to combat Donald Trump. When asked why the trip was planned after the former president’s announcement, Jean-Pierre insisted the two events weren’t connected.

The Biden administration has constantly found itself behind the eight-ball on major issues, and this is no different. Whether incompetency or stubbornness, waiting a full year to show up in East Palestine is just one example. On the border, the president could have gone the moment crossings spiked to show he was serious about the issue. Instead, Jean-Pierre and the rest of his handlers spent the last three years insisting there was no crisis and no need to go to the border. Now, Biden once again has egg on his face. 

Yet, when another easy political lay-up landed in the White House’s lap, they once again managed to screw it up. According to Jean-Pierre, Biden has not bothered to call the family of Laken Riley, the victim of a high-profile murder by an illegal alien in Athens, GA. 

All it would have taken was a phone call to get out in front of what is a terrible story for Biden and the Democratic Party. It was their policies that led to Riley’s death. Did the White House make sure that happened, though? No, they just sat on their hands, and now they look like sociopathic ghouls again. Perhaps it’s because they are? 

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Lisa Holden
Lisa Holden
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