Kidney swap saves two lives, plus surprising COVID effects and IVF uncertainty


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‘SUPERBLY TIMED’ – Four Texas residents are forever connected by two kidney donations in different cities. The recipients, donors and doctors share their story. Continue reading…

DEMENTIA DRIVER? – On the heels of Wendy Williams’ diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia, experts weigh in on alcoholism’s cognitive impact. Continue reading…

STEP IT UP – Women over 60 may need fewer steps than the universally recommended 10,000. Here’s what to know. Continue reading…

woman jogging

Senior women should aim for a mixture of aerobic and weight-lifting exercises on a regular basis, a doctor said. (iStock)

PARENTAL CHOICE – After the Florida surgeon general sent guidance to parents about school attendance amid measles outbreaks, doctors share their reactions. Continue reading…

THIRST TRAP – “Why am I always thirsty, and what should I do about it?” A doctor responds. Continue reading…

A RUNNER’S RECOVERY – A Tennessee athlete experienced diaphragm paralysis after COVID. Here’s how he got his breath back. Continue reading…

Gerald Branim - half-marathon

Gerald Branim, 55, was a marathon runner when he got COVID, which led to a paralyzed diaphragm that stopped him in his tracks.  (Institute for Advanced Reconstruction)

PREGNANCY PRECAUTIONS – A new study reveals the share of pregnant women who develop long COVID, as experts stress the importance of vaccinations. Continue reading…

H2O HATERS – A sports dietitian shares alternatives to water for healthy hydration. Continue reading…

FROZEN PLANS – The Alabama Supreme Court’s ruling has prompted some local providers to halt IVF services. Fertility doctors react to the crackdown. Continue reading…

Newborn baby

A decision from the Alabama Supreme Court has led to a halt in IVF services at some locations and a flurry of protests from providers in the fertility space. (iStock)








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