WATCH: Ron DeSantis Dunks All Over the Clowns Who Said He'd Lose to Disney


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Ron DeSantis took a much-deserved victory lap on Tuesday, releasing a video mocking the various “journalists” who said he would lose to Disney. 

Over the last couple of years, the battle between the State of Florida and what was once one of America’s most storied companies has raged. In February of 2023, DeSantis took a blowtorch to Disney’s special district, removing the corrupt board behind it that was essentially just acting as a rubber stamp. At the time, many claimed the move would not only fail but that it would negatively harm Floridians by increasing the tax burden on normal residents. 

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Shortly after that escalation, numerous lawsuits were filed. Again, members of the press (and some Republicans who had an ax to grind) lashed out, claiming that DeSantis would lose. One by one, though, the challenges fell flat, and in early 2024, the Mouse’s final gasp was taken. 

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With that culmination, DeSantis put out the following video, dunking on everyone who doubted him. 

The video opens with a mainstream media journalist stating that local taxes would go up due to Disney being stripped of its sweetheart deal, which did not happen. Then clips of news anchors laughing out loud begin to play while being set over top of newspaper clippings proclaiming that DeSantis was beaten by Mickey Mouse, Disney is playing the “long game,” etc. In one instance, Chuck Todd is heard saying, “Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis learned an important lesson this week: Don’t mess with the Mouse.” 

The second part of the video flips the script, taking those same previously shown clips mocking DeSantis and putting headlines behind them showing how Florida beat Disney. Interspersed between them are clips of the governor discussing how he won the battle, finally ending with several other accomplishments regarding DEI and local investment.

Somehow I doubt those who got this so wrong will be offering apologies. Those who were paying attention know the truth, though. DeSantis remains the most competent Republican politician of at least the last three decades. Say what you will about his primary campaign, which faced unprecedented headwinds following the Trump indictments, but the guy doesn’t lose policy battles. Florida residents have nearly another three years of wins ahead of them. Enjoy it. 

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