Young People Don't Actually Give a Damn About Climate Change, Poll Finds


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Young people are unwilling to make even the smallest financial sacrifice to stop so-called climate change, according to a new poll. 

The poll, conducted by the CRC Research for 85 Fund and reported on by Daily Mail, found that under half of people aged 18-34 would be willing to pay $10 a month to prevent a supposed climate catastrophe.

The Mail explained:

Less than half (45%) of the youngest crop of voters aged 18-34 would be willing to spend $10 or less per month to combat climate change, according to a recent survey by CRC Research for 85 Fund obtained exclusively by

And one out of five (20%) in the same age bracket responded that they would not pay anything at all, according to the poll results.

The survey also found that older people are even less willing to open their wallets to support the climate change cause, while a staggeringly small number of respondents would be willing to commit over $100 a month:

The CRC Research survey also found that 26 percent of 25 to 35 year old voters would not be willing to pay anything to combat climate change.

But the number increases when factoring in older voters. When combining all ages, 42 percent said they would pay nothing to fight climate change, while 18 percent said they would spend up to $10 per month.

But only seven percent of the 1,600 total respondents in the online survey would be willing to commit more than $100 a month to combat climate change.

Such findings make for depressing reading for climate activists and those spreading fear about an impending environmental collapse. 

It is not all bad news for the climate change fanatics. Despite their seeming unwillingness to make even the smallest of financial sacrifices, a Pew Research Survey last year found that two-thirds of adults support investment in renewable energy sources and that about three-quarters support America’s participation in international efforts to tackle the issue. 

Yet that same survey also found some troubling (or positive, depending on your point of view) trends indicating that Americans are not willing to make the necessary changes demanded by climate activists. 

Among its findings was that a significant majority of Americans support the continued use of fossil fuels alongside renewable energy, while climate change is a lower priority for most voters when compared with other issues such as the economy and immigration. 

Activists may also take heart from the presidency of Joe Biden, who rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement on his first day in office and has placed climate action at the forefront of his agenda.

However, there are also signs that the administration is starting to realize that many of his original targets were not realistic. Earlier this month, The New York Times revealed that the administration was planning to roll back its targets for the transition to electric vehicles amid pressure from the auto industry and concerns about their cost. 

Among their targets included stipulating that electric vehicles must account for two-thirds of car sales by the year 2032. That promise, at least for now, has been deemed unattainable. 

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