WATCH: Fulton County Resident Lights Up Commissioners Over Fani Willis and Targeting Trump


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What must the residents of Fulton County, Georgia, think about all of this scandal regarding the DA Fani Willis and her alleged affair with the special prosecutor she engaged, Nathan Wade, to go after former President Donald Trump?

Not only are there questions now about the relationship, but also whether funds to hire him were properly used–and whether she benefited from any of the funds he was paid. The whole issue is also unspooling out as part of the divorce action between Wade and his estranged wife, Jocelyn Wade. Willis ridiculously claimed (in a church, no less) that somehow this is all racism. Then the estranged wife dropped some devastating receipts, showing that her husband bought trips to various locations that also allegedly involved Willis. The judge in the case has also unsealed the divorce proceedings, so more things are likely going to come out on the relationship.  


Fani Willis Finally Makes Some Comments on ‘Improper Relationship’ Allegations, Says ‘Racially Motivated’

The Wife Scorned Fires Back at Fani Willis, and She Drops Some Devastating Evidence

More Trouble for Fani Willis as Judge Unseals Divorce Proceedings, Weighs in on Her Deposition

But back to that original question I asked: what must the residents think? 

On Wednesday, one of them sounded off at a meeting of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, and he didn’t hold back. He was frustrated with things that were going on. 

I’m done with Fulton County fumbling our elections. I’m done with the gross mismanagement of our taxpayer dollars by the Fulton County Democrats on this body.  I’m disgusted at [sic] the information that is coming out of the District Attorney’s office, as a taxpayer. I am done with most of your silence at the DA’s apparent love affair with the special prosecutor and gross mismanagement of taxpayers’ dollars to pursue what appears to be a frivolous lawsuit, based off of partisan politics.

He mocked them saying, “Apparently, guys like me need to court Fulton County female executives” like Fani Willis to get things paid at country expense. 

He noted the irony of the DA claiming to protect past elections, but he said, “She’s trying to interfere with future elections, by trying to convict a candidate before the general election.” 

He requested a “financial audit” done by the county auditor of the District Attorney’s office immediately. 

You can hear the clapping as he finishes, presumably from other residents. 

Now that’s lighting them up, in just about two minutes–not only about Willis’ scandal but her going after Trump to begin with, alleging it to be election interference. Thank you, sir, for saying it for so many. 

At least one of the Commissioners has already demanded answers from Willis about allegations of “misused County funds and accepted valuable gifts and personal benefits from a contractor recipient of County funds.” Fulton County Commissioner Bob Ellis, a Republican, demanded that she turn over records that he requested in the matter by Feb. 2. So, hopefully they can get more information on the matter, and it sounds like they have folks there focused on getting to the bottom of things. 


New Trouble for Fani Willis: Fulton County Commissioner Looking Into Alleged ‘Misused County Funds’

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