Taki Games teams up with Two3 Labs to launch NFT game “Puzzle Smoofs”


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taki games puzzle smoofs
  • Taki Games and Two3 are eyeing mainstream adoption of Web3 gaming.
  • A new NFT game Puzzle Smoofs will help bring more gamers to Web3, with players rewarded using TAKI tokens.
  • TAKI features a buy-and-burn mechanism, with gamers incentivized to generate revenue.

Taki Games, a social gaming network for mobile, has teamed up with cross-chain Web3 studio Two3 Labs to launch a new “Puzzle Smoofs” mobile game.  

Puzzle Smoofs is targeted to go live on the Taki Games network this March, the two platforms said in a press release shared with CoinJournal.

The new gaming venture adds to Taki Game’s notable Web3 game titles, including Game7 Food Fighter and Pac-Cats. With the partnership with Two3 Labs, Taki is looking to tap into the Smoofs popularity to bring the next billion gamers to Web3.

Weiwei Geng, CEO of Taki Games, noted in a statement:

“By integrating Smoofs IP into this game, we are not only providing players with true ownership of in-game assets but also creating a new avenue for brands to engage with their audience in a meaningful and interactive way. This convergence of gaming and NFTs is poised to reshape the future of entertainment and digital ownership.”

Eyeing the $200+ billion gaming industry

Two3 Labs, the team behind the Cow Cow NFT collection that soared on MultiversX in early 2023, launched the Smoofs NFT collection on Polygon in December 2023. The project is now one of the top NFT collections on Polygon, with over $300,000 in trading volume over the past two months.

Taki Games and Two3 Labs say Puzzle Smoofs’ upcoming launch will extend the Smoofs NFTs’ utility and appeal, with holders getting new benefits and experiences.

“This collaboration with Taki Games and Two3 Labs is an important milestone for us, blending the lines between NFTs and gaming and offering mainstream gamers an innovative way to engage with our brand and community. We are excited to see how this game will bring the Smoofsverse and Web3 culture to a mainstream gaming audience with Taki Games,” said Sorin Diaconu, co-founder of Two3 Labs.

According to the Taki Games team, this partnership will help bring more gamers from the $200 billion+ Web2 gaming industry to Web3.

The native TAKI token, which will be used to reward players, will be a key component of this drive. The network’s buy-and-burn mechanism has already see more than 1 million TAKI burned, according to data from Dune.

In January this year, Taki DAO announced a partnership with Flowdesk, a full-service digital trading firm, to enahcne TAKI liquidity. In December 2023, TAKI’s price soared following Taki Games’ expansion to Polygon.

The token’s value is up nearly 60% in the past 30 days.

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