Michigan GOP Chair Drama Continues: Former Chair Karamo Appeals Court Decision on Removal


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The person who said that any publicity is good publicity, even for being infamous, might not have had the Michigan GOP’s current drama in mind before making such a bold statement.


Lately, in Michigan, in addition to the state being run by Democrats and being flushed down the toilet because of their policies, the one hope that most people would have is that sanity would be available somewhere; usually, the opposition party to the Democrats.

That has not been the case, though.

Some of us who watch this somewhat closely thought that last Tuesday’s court ruling had, at least for the moment, calmed things down before the State Convention Saturday in Grand Rapids that would be chaired by the new Michigan GOP head cheese Pete Hoekstra. 

From my previous article on that court decsion:

Kristina Karamo was properly removed as chair of the Michigan Republican Party last month, a Kent County judge ruled Tuesday, issuing a preliminary injunction requiring her to relinquish control of GOP assets. 

The decision marks a stinging legal defeat for Karamo, who has continued to oversee bank accounts and official party communications amid a leadership fight with former Ambassador Pete Hoekstra, whom critics chose to replace her. 

Plaintiffs who sued Karamo to force her out, including co-chair Malinda Pego, are “likely to prevail at trial” because they removed her in a Jan. 6 meeting “pursuant to party bylaws,” Judge J. Joseph Rossi said in a bench ruling.

Party by-laws are just another way to say THIS IS HOW YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO RUN @#$%

Critics used “sharp-elbowed tactics” to oust Karamo, and she was ultimately voted out by a “minority of members” on the Michigan GOP state committee, Rossi acknowledged. 

But political actors often achieve their goals using rules or procedural maneuvers, the judge continued, noting presidents have won the White House without winning the popular vote because of the Electoral College. 

“The majority does not always win,” he said.

The State Convention is coming up this Saturday to help flesh out the process of what delegates to send to the Republican National Convention meeting this summer in Milwaukee. Of course, to nominate the presumptive winner during the primary season, former President Donald Trump, the court decision above was a welcome decision.

Then Kristina Karamo decided Thursday morning to file an appeal, throwing everything up in the air. Who is the chair of the party, and what kind of party is this? Here was the story of what she decided to do.

Kristina Karamo has appealed a judge’s order that bars her from identifying herself as chair of the Michigan Republican Party and asked Thursday that the Michigan Court of Appeals put that order on hold while her emergency appeal is heard.

The latest court action could add another layer of confusion to Michigan GOP affairs as delegates prepare to meet Saturday to select most of the party’s delegates to the Republican National Convention in July. Karamo has called a Saturday convention in Detroit. Former congressman and ambassador Pete Hoekstra, who was recognized Tuesday as the lawful chair by a Kent County judge, and earlier was endorsed by the Republican National Committee, has called a convention for the same day, but in Grand Rapids.

While this was not unexpected, it was another unwelcome wrinkle with the lingering question of who is leading the Michigan GOP. On Tuesday, the court order barred Karamo from identifying herself as the leader and ordered her not to touch any of the money in the official Michigan GOP accounts. This leads to the natural question: who currently controls the money, and how is anything getting paid?

Yet in the amount of time it took to read the latest story and ask the questions above and ponder them, plus open an ice-cold Vernors, one of the most significant answers to this appeal was answered.


Karamo and her request were shot down quicker than it would take for Judge Judy to deliver one of her quirky rants.

The Michigan Court of Appeals refused to intervene on Thursday in the state Republican Party’s leadership dispute, likely rendering a GOP convention that Kristina Karamo had planned for Detroit meaningless.

Karamo had asked the appeals court to immediately halt a Kent County Circuit Court’s decision that she’s no longer chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party so her plans for a Saturday convention could go forward. But Court of Appeals Judge Brock Swartzle quickly denied her motion for a stay in a three-sentence order on Thursday afternoon.

Karamo’s lawyer Donald Campbell had argued that Kent County Judge J. Joseph Rossi’s ruling had “injected more chaos into the political process.”

One thing Kristina knows is chaos. If only all things in the judicial system worked this fast.

The Court of Appeals order was the latest fallout from an ongoing battle that’s continuing to consume the Michigan Republican Party and might now include a new petition effort to oust another party chairman.

Before the ruling against Karamo by Rossi on Tuesday, Karamo, the former Michigan GOP chairwoman, and Pete Hoekstra, the current chairman, had both been maintaining that they were the party’s leader. And both individuals had been planning competing presidential caucuses on Saturday to determine how 39 of the party’s 55 delegates to the Republican national convention will be allocated.

Unless another brain-jarring turn happens in the next 24 hours, it looks secure that the State Convention will happen in Grand Rapids, and former Trump Ambassador Pete Hoekstra will be leading that convention to settle who the official delegates going to Milwaukee will be.

With tomorrow being March 1st and the presidential election now just nine months away, the Michigan Republican party has a lot of ground to make up. 

I’m not sitting here and whistling Dixie and pretending that the nonsense that’s gone on the past year can be overcome and pave the way for at least an even chance that statewide officials running in November will have a decent chance of winning. Yet you have to start somewhere, and if there’s anybody who can bring calm to the chaotic situation that has been the Michigan GOP since February of last year, Pete Hoekstra’s as good a candidate as any to help start that process. 

This is one reason former President Trump endorsed him for this position a couple of weeks ago and indicated it was time to move forward and rebuild the party.

I hope that will be done.

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