Investors Diversify Their Portfolios With ApeCoin, NuggetRush, and Ethereum Classic


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  • Ethereum Classic price has gone up to 3.2% in the last seven days and 16.4% in the last month.

  • According to recent data, the number of ApeCoin active addresses has soared to the highest point in more than six months.

  • NuggetRush has sold over 200 million tokens, while many investors see the NUGX as a potential top performer in 2024.

The crypto market had a bullish trend in the past week due to a breach of Bitcoin’s $60,000 resistance level that sparked a renewed positive sentiment among investors. At present, investors are gearing up for a major bull rally and making smart decisions by adding some top altcoins, such as ApeCoin, NuggetRush, and Ethereum Classic, to their portfolios.

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NuggetRush (NUGX) Crosses 200M Tokens Sold

NuggetRush (NUGX) is an innovative play-to-earn project on the Ethereum blockchain, offering a unique mining adventure game that stands out in the play-to-earn (P2E) sector. It allows players to embody the life of artisanal miners.

There will be gameplay that includes tunnel construction and mineral extraction, reflecting the challenges faced by miners in developing countries. In addition, the game includes experienced miners who guide players and show them the progression path, with investments in extraction tools along the way.

The NuggetRush game also features adventurous gameplay and gives multiple chances for players to acquire in-game rewards. In the game, rewards come from diverse activities, including competitions, tournaments, battles, and ranked play. These rewards can be exchanged for real money on its marketplace.

The key in-game awards comprise trending NFT characters and advanced mining devices. Moreover, people can use NFTs as collateral and gain by earning more incentives of up to 20% APY. Currently, NuggetRush is in the fifth round of its blockchain ICO, with NUGX priced at $0.018. The price will increase to $0.020 after the end of the ICO, and it will be listed on exchanges.

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Ethereum Classic (ETC) Extends Uptrend

Ethereum Classic (ETC) has benefited from the recent rally in the market that has pushed other altcoins into the green region. Concerning the direction in which the Ethereum Classic price is fluctuating, it has moved between $25.14 for the current week’s lowest point and $28.34 for the highest.

As a result, ETC has witnessed a 3.2% price pump in the last week. A comparable situation is represented by the highs that can be backed by the higher time frames, with 16.4% and 32.2% for the monthly and yearly price charts, respectively.

Notably, Ethereum Classic has yielded at least 18 (60%) green days among the 30 trading days before. Being the bullish way Ethereum Classic is proceeding, the price of this cryptocurrency might grow within the next few weeks.

The price movement of the token technically is telling of the bullish trend, as it is trading above the 50-Day SMA ($25.19) and 200-Day SMA ($20.13). In a short outlook, this forecasts the price to potentially go up by 50%, and it could increase further to 100% in the long run.

ApeCoin (APE) Active Addresses Surges To 6-Month High

ApeCoin (APE) has experienced an unprecedented level of growth from its launch back in March 2017, which resulted in a six-month high in active addresses. ApeCoin has again demonstrated its momentum by hitting yet another milestone on the daily chart, with the number of active addresses doubling as well. 

This recent record doesn’t come as a surprise, though, as it is the highest number of addresses recorded in the previous six months. This rise registered in the active addresses happens as the price of the crypto other than altcoins is evaluated positively. 

In accordance with the information from CoinMarketCap, at the mere beginning of the month, the price of ApeCoin touched the bottom of $1.34 and, at one point, went up to $2.06. Currently, the overall behavior of ApeCoin price prediction is rated as pretty positive. 

In technical analysis, 25 indicators point to a rise, while 3 do the opposite. With the above said, ApeCoin’s opportunity to soar high becomes even bigger. Analysts have predicted a short-term price surge to $2.83 and a long-term surge to $3.26.

Closing Thoughts

A large portion of the crypto market is currently trading in the green region in anticipation of an upcoming price surge. Smart investors are already diversifying their portfolios with ApeCoin, NuggetRush, and Ethereum Classic to increase their chances of gains. This makes them the best altcoins to invest in right now.

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