Hunter Biden Associate Admits He Traded on Family Name in Chinese Business Dealing


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One of Hunter Biden’s business associates has testified how the president’s wayward son used his father to help secure a major business deal with China. 

In a transcript of his closed-door testimony before Congress, Rob Walker admitted that Hunter’s father was the crucial element in securing a deal with the Chinese energy conglomerate CEFC. 

During the hearing, which was conducted by the House Oversight and Judiciary committees as part of Joe Biden’s impeachment inquiry late last month, Walker was asked why he used Hunter Biden’s letterhead when writing a letter to a leading company executive by the name of Jianjun Zang.

“I think what is common with U.S. companies working with individuals abroad, those individuals tend to — they don’t — they aren’t taken seriously unless they have a calling card like this or something that says that they represent,” he explained. “So if — you wouldn’t — this is just normal, customary business practice.” 

Walker was then asked whether Wang considered Hunter Biden as the leader of their group. 

“Well, I think in Zang’s eyes – that I worked for Hunter and that James worked for us or for Hunter, and so that would be – he was viewed as the principal of this organization by Zang,” he responded. “I can’t answer for Zang, but, sure, he had an interesting last name that would probably get people in the door.” 

Later in the interview, Walker discussed how Joe Biden had turned up at a luncheon at the Four Seasons hotel in Washington D.C. shortly before Hunter’s firm was wired $3 million, although denied that the two things were related.

He explained:

The former vice president was not there the entire time. He was there maybe 10 minutes. He spoke nice, you know, normal pleasantries. I think he probably did most of the talking and then left.

I think this meeting [at the Four Seasons] was more about how we’re going to work together in the future, but it had nothing to do with the $3 million.

We opened the door to some potential business that they would not normally have access to, I guess. Or ‘access’ may be the wrong word, but they didn’t — they were kind of impressed at what we were showing them.

Despite admitting the importance of Hunter’s family name and also that Joe Biden had met with most of his son’s business associates, Walker maintained his position that the president was not formally involved in any of their dealings. 

“To be clear, President Biden, while in office or as a private citizen, was never involved in any business activities we pursued,” he said. “Any statement to the contrary is simply false.”

Following the interview, The House Oversight Committee confirmed they had evidence that Biden had personally met all the foreign businessmen and oligarchs whom Hunter did business with.

“[We can] now confirm Joe Biden met with nearly every foreign national who funneled money to his son, including Russian oligarch Yelena Baturina, Romanian oligarch Kenes Rakishev, Burisma’s corporate secretary Vadym Pozharsky, Jonathan Li of BHR, and CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming,” a Committee spokesperson told Fox News.

Meanwhile, the impeachment inquiry moves forward, with the president’s brother Jim Biden and Hunter himself expected to testify later this month. 

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