Here's All the Drama That Went Down at That ‘Love Is Blind’ Lake Party 


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The Love Is Blind season 6 cast gathered together for a mini-reunion — and it was nothing short of chaos.

During episodes 10 and 11 of the Netflix series, which dropped on Wednesday, February 28, engaged couples Johnny McIntyre and Amy Cortés, Jimmy Presnell and Chelsea Blackwell, Amber Desiree “AD” Smith and Clay Gravesande and Laura Speed Hamilton and Jeramey Lutinski met up with some of their other pod mates for a barbecue at a lake to catch up on old times. What was meant to be a friendly soirée quickly turned tour, with multiple breakups, makeups and heated conversations unfolding throughout the day.

Jimmy comes face to face for the first time with Jessica Vestal after their tense breakups in the pods, while Chelsea, 31, meets the third member of her love triangle, Trevor Sova. Elsewhere, Laura and Jeramey have an explosive one-on-one after he was caught hanging out with his former love interest, Sarah Ann, until 5 a.m., and he ends the day by admitting he got down on one knee for the wrong woman.

“I made the wrong decision in the pods,” Jeramey tells Sarah Ann after he and Laura call it quits for good. “I think you know that by now. I had every indication in front of me that you and I should have done this together. Every feeling, the things that we talked about, my emotions toward it.”

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Keep scrolling for all the drama that went down at the lake party:

Jimmy and Jessica Talk It Out

The pair come face to face for the first time at the lake party. When they scamper off to talk alone, Jimmy tells Jessica that she makes him “nervous.”

“I told you, I’ve never dated anybody that’s even remotely like you personality-wise,” he says. “I just felt really pressured with you. You were basically saying, like, ‘I’m right here, I’m telling you how I feel! What else do you need to me to make you get on a knee?’”

Jessica disagrees with his recollection, explaining that she got upset after she gave him a letter in the pods, which she initially penned to herself about her hopes for a husband, and he read it aloud before going “dead silent’ in response.

“When you were silent, that was so loud,” she tells him, before confessing she “lost it” the night Jimmy told Chelsea he loves her. “I’ve never cried so much in my life,” she says.

Jessica accepts Jimmy’s apology for his reaction to the letter, admitting she almost “needed a medic” when she hugged him earlier in the day. They also discuss Jimmy’s relationship with Chelsea, and Jessica gives him advice on how to treat her right.

Before the go their separate ways, Jimmy tells her, “If you give even a portion to someone else what you gave to me, you’re going to make someone the luckiest man in the world.”

Breaking Down All the Drama That Went Down at the Love Is Blind Season 6 Lake Party 088
Courtesy of Netflix

Chelsea and Trevor Meet

After picking Jimmy over him in the pods, Chelsea comes face to face with Trevor for the first time. Although Trevor admits that he “doesn’t understand” her choice, the pair have one of the friendliest conversations at the party.

Chelsea apologizes for hurting Trevor, and the duo exchange a few flirty moments before she opens up to him about her and Jimmy’s relationship issues. Ultimately, the duo walk away on good terms.

AD Comes for Sarah Ann in Defense of Laura

Confused about why Sarah Ann chose to message an engaged Jeramey, AD comes to the defense of Laura.

“I saw the DM that you sent to him,” AD tells Sarah Ann. “You don’t think it’s’ a little outlandish to tell a man who just got engaged that if the doors still open [you’d be interested]?”

Sarah Ann counters by saying that Jeramey is the one who “left the door open” as she can “read him” and knows how he feels. “The way he broke up with me he was like, ‘I don’t want to do this,” she explains. “And I didn’t say what I should of because I didn’t want to be like, pick me, pick me. … He told me, ‘I wish you would have said how you feel because maybe things would have been different.’”

When discussing her and Jeramey talking until 5 a.m. in a parking lot, Sarah Ann calls the conversation “closure” before claiming that Jeramey simply dropped her off at her apartment.

The conversation then takes a heated turn, with AD calling Sarah Ann’s approach to an engaged man “wild.”

“You know [Laura’s] engaged to this man and to not give them a fighting chance?” AD asks. “For a man that did not [choose you], for you to then circle back? At the very end of the day you knew that they were engaged.”

Sarah Ann, for her part, maintains that she meant “no ill intent,” with AD walking off mid-conversation. She later tells the camera that Sarah Ann’s actions “lacked class.”

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Courtesy of Netflix

Laura and Jeramey Have a Final Showdown

After the blowup at their home over Jeramey’s 5 a.m. outing with Sarah Ann, Jeramey and Laura have one final conversation when he tells her he was “100 percent” ready to try and make things work. When he argues that he even sent flowers that she declined. Laura claims he is “flipping things around to make things something they are not.”

“You don’t know me. I’ve ben authentically me from the first day we met in the pods,” she tells him. “You on the other than, are a con artist. You have feelings for another person that you don’t know how to process, you don’t know how to communicate your feelings or much of anything and you’re going to flip it around on me again.”

The twosome ultimately decide there is no way they are going to have a “civil conversation,” with Jeramey telling Laura he’s already “packed up” all her belongings.

Jeramey Runs Off With Sarah Ann

After Sarah Ann’s tense conversation with AD, she and Jeramey head off for a private one-on-one where they agree her DM to him after their breakup wasn’t as “bad” as others are making it seem.

“I had real feelings and they are valid,” Sarah Ann says through tears. “And I’ll be damned if somebody sits here and they can’t come back to f—king reality to realize the truth about it. I sent that message well before you got back [from Mexico] because of how I felt when I got back.”

“I was f—king destroyed,” she continued. “To say that I shouldn’t send a message or that the conversation should happen at a specific certain time then love would never happen. It’s never perfect. The reality of it is that’s messy and it can be difficult. … I wasn’t about to sit here and not say exactly what I say for myself. And I’m not sorry.”

Jeramey, meanwhile, says that he agrees “100 percent” with Sarah Ann’s thoughts, noting that he “doesn’t regret” talking to her while still engaged to Laura.

“All of that to say I made the wrong decision in the pods,” he tells her. “I think you know that by now. I had every indication in front of me that you and I should have done this together. Every feeling, the things that we talked about, my emotions toward it.”

The twosome decide to enjoy the rest of the day together and ride off into the sunset on jet skis as the rest of the cast looks on from shore.

Breaking Down All the Drama That Went Down at the Love Is Blind Season 6 Lake Party 092

Jimmy and Chelsea Bicker

When Chelsea jokes to Trevor that Johnny and Amy are season 6’s “strongest couple,” Jimmy gets visibly upset by the comment. “You can’t say they’re the strongest couple,” he says. “How do you think that makes me feel?”

Chelsea tries to smooth over the issue, noting that they’re “right behind them” as a pair.  The public disagreement clearly makes the other party guests uncomfortable, but Jimmy forgives her, quipping that it was in his “best interest” to give her “ a little s—t” for the remark.

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