Former Border Patrol Chief Drops Reality Bomb: ‘President Biden Completely Destroyed Border Security’


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An ex-border patrol official is speaking out and his scathing summary distills what many of us have postulated all along: that Joe Biden and his minions deliberately caused this disastrous border crisis and purposefully let in millions of illegal aliens. 

Former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott absolutely nailed it during his appearance on Fox News’ “The Story” on Thursday:

We handed them the most secure border in the history of the United States and a roadmap to keep it that way and make it even better. 

Through 94 executive actions, President Biden completely destroyed border security.

Watch (may take a moment to load):

It’s all about the cameras, Scott says as Biden shuffles along a quiet section of the border with his handlers:

What’s worse – Scott claimed he’d voiced his concerns about the porous border but faced retribution from Biden, Inc. 

“But I can tell you from my experience in the Biden administration, that was not the norm. If they speak freely, they’ll probably be out of a job,” said Scott, who became chief in 2021 under Trump and departed the agency during Biden’s tenure.

For speaking out, he was eventually “reassigned” and eventually chose to retire instead of dealing with the BS that was being shoveled at him. 

“That [retribution] is exactly what happened to me,” Scott claimed. “I was following orders to a certain extent. But I gave feedback, and I told them where I thought things were going to go wrong – And they did not listen to any of the advice we gave them whatsoever.”

The remarks came as both Biden and former President Donald Trump are conducting competing visits at the border – although the president only announced his trip after Trump revealed he was headed on down. 


New: Contrasts Between Border Towns Biden and Trump Are Visiting Makes Biden Look Even More Pathetic

Scott alleged that Team Biden hoped to minimize the crisis:

“They don’t want big groups of illegal aliens in the background. They wanted to go to someplace slower,” he said, claiming there is also an “unseen aspect” in that city due to the presence of NGO’s that operate to facilitate migrant shelter and transportation services.

Trump blasted Biden as well:

In remarks at Eagle Pass, Texas, Trump suggested border agents are engaged in “a war” at the Mexican boundary, while the chief of the agency’s union said his agents are “mad as Hell” that Biden visited Brownsville, where he said there has been a trickle of migrants compared to the deluges being seen in Eagle Pass or farther west in California. 

“This is a ‘Joe Biden invasion’,” Trump added after National Border Patrol Council Brandon Judd spoke.

The manufactured disaster at the border is going to play a major role in the 2024 presidential election. Will enough Americans care that our commander-in-chief has overseen and condoned a full-scale invasion of our country? Or will they just continue to bury their heads in the sand and rest easy because Biden doesn’t send late-night mean tweets?

Scott called it like he saw it — and let’s face it, what he saw is that things don’t look good as long as this corrupt, mentally declining president is at the helm.

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