11 GOP Reps. Call on CBS to Ditch About $15M Super Bowl Ad Buy From Chinese Co. Over Uyghur Forced Labor


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A group of 11 GOP representatives is calling on Paramount Global (the parent company of CBS) to cancel millions of dollars in advertising for this weekend’s Super Bowl over serious concerns that one company is using Uyghur forced labor to make its products, an exclusive report by the Daily Caller found:

A coalition of GOP lawmakers are pressuring Paramount Global and CBS to ditch Super Bowl ads from a Chinese company they believe is making its products with forced labor, according to a letter obtained exclusively by the Daily Caller.

Republican West Virginia Rep. Carol Miller alongside ten other lawmakers demanded Thursday that the network block Temu from spending a reported $15 million on ads during CBS’s Super Bowl broadcast on Feb. 11. The House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party reported that Temu does not have any system in place to ensure compliance with the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, leading the lawmakers to believe that the company is using forced labor, the letter obtained by the Daily Caller says.

In a statement to the Caller, Rep. Miller said:

The Chinese Communist Party wants to profit off the United States every chance they get. It is disgusting to subject the American people to a reported $15 million worth of ads for products made with Uyghur slave labor.

Allowing Temu to air these ads during the most popular American sporting event would effectively be an endorsement of what the CCP stands for. I strongly urge CBS to remove any ad by Temu from the Super Bowl LVIII commercials.

The letter stems from the Select Committee on the CCP’s investigative report on Temu, which also found that one of its parent company’s off-shoots, Pindoudou, broke trademark or copyright law while doing business:

The House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party also found that Temu’s parent company, PDD Holdings, engages in “substantial trademark counterfeiting or copyright piracy” through their other subsidiary company Pindoudou, the letter states.

The full press release by the Committee on its “interim findings” from the investigations into Temu and another Chinese brand, Shein, can be read here.

The letter continued, stressing how crucial the running of Temu’s ads during the 2023 Super Bowl was to “reach millions of Americans”:

Temu previously used last year’s Super Bowl advertisements to reach millions of Americans when the company was largely unknown in our market.


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Reports to the Caller were mixed on whether Paramount Global and/or CBS were lobbying the congresscritters’ offices for their members “to not sign on” to the Committee’s letter:

One source told the Daily Caller that CBS has been calling other lawmakers’ offices to ask them to not sign on to Miller’s letter.

Another source close to the matter told the Daily Caller that the Paramount Global team did not ask any office not to join the letter. The company frequently engages with congressional offices, the source said.

Paramount Global did not provide comment to the Caller for its story.

It’s possible that this effort will exert major pressure on the network to handle this issue, since as RedState’s Brad Slager previously wrote, the NFL is currently–far and away–the ratings winner across all of broadcast television. CBS likely does not want to fumble the golden football, in other words. Either way, we’ll keep you posted.

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