Bungalow: Everything You Need to Know


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Modern bungalows are just what they sound like: small single-story homes built in the contemporary architectural style of today. Much like other new builds of the 2020s, modern bungalows are usually made of popular materials like concrete and glass and feature sleek lines and sharp angles.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a bungalow?


The benefits that bungalows offer are truly endless. Firstly, people with limited mobility appreciate bungalows for their accessibility. “One level living can be a game changer, especially for those who don’t want to deal with stairs daily,” says Berman’s Studio Gutow cofounder Melissa Rohani. Abcarian agrees, adding that bungalows “are good for smaller families or gently accommodating elderly people because they are single-story.”

For Abcarian, though, the perk of buying a bungalow is its patina and charm. “It’s owning a piece of history,” she says. “It’s always a good idea to preserve what we can and appreciate the quirks that come along with older homes. Another pro is that having a smaller space cuts down on maintenance costs.”

Berman is a fan of bungalows for their indoor-outdoor living capabilities. “With their characteristic porches, bungalows bring the outside in, creating a strong connection to nature,” she muses. “Bungalows are also cozy. The smaller space lends itself to a warm and intimate home.” Meanwhile, Rohani loves bungalows for their versatility. “Bungalows are like design chameleons—they can easily adapt to different styles, giving homeowners a lot of flexibility in how they want their space to look,” she says.


For some people, the petite size of a bungalow can be a drawback. “Small can be cozy, but it can also feel a bit tight, especially if you’ve got a big family,” Rohani admits. Abcarian points out that the limited space can be especially challenging in the kitchen, which many view as the heart of the home. “Older kitchens are smaller than what we’ve come to think of as normal and functional,” she notes.

Renovating a bungalow, especially one built over 100 years ago, to accommodate contemporary life can also prove to be difficult. “Updating older bungalows for today’s needs can be like solving a puzzle,” Berman says. “It’s not always straightforward and might need some creative problem-solving.”

Where are bungalows found today?

Bungalows can be found all over the world, from Bangladesh and India to the United Kingdom and the United States. Here in the US, there are far more bungalows in the Midwest and West Coast regions than there are anywhere else in the country. “They are usually grouped together, making exceptionally charming neighborhoods,” Abcarian says.

In addition to the California neighborhoods we named above, like Long Beach’s Belmont Heights and Pasadena’s Bungalow Heaven, bungalows are clustered in enchanting areas like South Park Manor in Chicago, Seminole Heights in Tampa, Junius Heights in Dallas, and Far Rockaway Beach in Queens County, New York.

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