BREAKING: Donald Trump Wins Michigan GOP Presidential Primary


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As expected, Donald Trump has handily won Michigan’s GOP presidential primary. At the time of this writing, with 13 percent of the precincts reporting, Trump is ahead of Nikki Haley by over 30 points.

Michigan has both a state-run primary and a caucus. As Susie Moore wrote earlier, 

The Great Lakes State is holding both Democrat and Republican primaries today, but there’s one twist: 

On Tuesday, Michigan will hold a primary election open to all registered voters. Then, on Saturday, March 2, the Michigan Republican Party will hold a caucus convention.

But unlike Nevada — which had a similar situation for Republicans earlier this month — both contests will count toward the GOP nomination for president.

The Republican primary will award 16 delegates, while the caucus convention will allocate another 39.

So Tuesday’s vote won’t be the ultimate say in who earns the GOP delegates. The 16 delegates from the primary will be awarded proportionally. The 39 delegates from the caucus convention will be awarded via a “winner take most” approach. (It’s convoluted — and that’s compounded by the ongoing war over who is actually in charge of the state’s GOP.) 

Regarding that war over who is actually in charge of the state’s GOP (which Duke has covered in detail), a judge ruled Tuesday that Kristina Karamo had been properly removed and that she “can no longer call herself Michigan GOP chair and must give up control of related bank accounts and other assets…paving the way for Pete Hoekstra to take over the party.”

The results, which are updated regularly, can be found below.

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