15 Most Beautiful Cities in Europe that Everyone Should See Once


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We’d happily revisit any of the 15 most beautiful cities in Europe. Europe has countless beautiful places to see—from castles and estates to natural wonders and bucolic villages. The continent’s best cities share some elements in common—particularly the depth of culture and culinary riches that they offer visitors. At the same time, they couldn’t be more varied. Every region of Europe, and the cities in them, has its own unique appeals. Here, we have put together a list of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

You will find some familiar world capitals on our list—that London, Paris, and Rome make the cut will not surprise anyone. However, we also included some smaller destinations that, while not as well known, still manage to charm the visitors who seek them out.

Rome, Italy

Rome—the Eternal City: Italy’s capital is worth a visit not only if you are interested in its ancient past, but also because of its Baroque wonders and notable modern and contemporary buildings too.

Getty Images/Alexander Spatari

Why does Rome fascinate so many people? Is it the traces of antiquity, the excellent cuisine, the romantic little alleyways? In fact, there is a scientific theory that may explain why we find Rome so beautiful. For Online Mortgage Advisor, analysts evaluated cities, and specifically their architecture, according to the principle of the Golden Ratio. This refers to a certain proportion between the elements of a building, or even that different parts of a person’s face, which is perceived as particularly harmonious. After evaluating thousands of Google Street View images as well as others of iconic landmarks, Rome came out near the top of the list among European cities. Others that scored highly include Venice, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Budapest.

Barcelona, Spain

Schönste Städte Europas Blick auf die Sagrada Família Basilika in Barcelona die von grünen Bäumen und Palmen umgeben ist.

The Sagrada Familía in Barcelona rises magnificently into blue skies above the surrounding cityscape and palm trees. It is one of many sights in this Spanish city that can appear too beautiful to be true.

Alexander Spatari/Getty Images

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