Vince McMahon Being Sued for Sex Trafficking by Former Employee Who He Allegedly Paid to Keep Quiet


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WWE co-founder Vince McMahon has once again fallen under scrutiny for allegedly engaging in sexually inappropriate behavior with one of his former employees. Janel Grant, who previously worked for WWE, is suing McMahon and other individuals for sex trafficking and other offenses.

The lawsuit alleges that McMahon and another member of WWE’s leadership trafficked, assaulted, and coerced Grant into engaging in sexual acts when themselves and other employees, according to a report.

The filing states that Grant is not only attempting to get justice for her own suffering but also “to act for those who are afraid to speak out.”

A woman who received a payout from WWE boss Vince McMahon has accused McMahon, the company and a former executive of sex trafficking in a new lawsuit that raises questions about the breadth of an internal company probe conducted by a law firm last year.

Janel Grant, a former employee at the wrestling firm’s headquarters, said in a lawsuit filed Thursday that she was abused and sexually exploited by McMahon while he was chief executive. She alleged that McMahon lured her with promises of career advancement, and then he allegedly exploited her and trafficked her to other men inside the company.

Grant signed a nondisclosure agreement in 2022 in which McMahon agreed to pay $3 million for her to not discuss their relationship or to disparage him. The WWE received an anonymous tip in 2022 about the relationship and started a board investigation, which uncovered other payments by the CEO to women. Grant’s lawsuit said McMahon stopped making payments under the 2022 deal after the initial $1 million installment. The suit seeks to void the agreement and unspecified financial damages.

“This lawsuit is replete with lies, obscene made-up instances that never occurred, and a vindictive distortion of the truth,” a spokesman for McMahon said. “He will vigorously defend himself.”

The lawsuit details several different inappropriate interactions with McMahon starting in March 2019. These include instances in which he greeted her in his underwear, touched her inappropriately, and used promises of promotions and other benefits in exchange for a physical relationship.

On June 15, 2021, Grant claimed she was sexually assaulted by McMahon and Laurinaitis inside the latter’s officer at WWE headquarters. McMahon is alleged to have said “no means yes” and “take it b***h” during the encounter.

Grant also said McMahon had shared sexually explicit photographs and videos of her with other men inside and outside of the company. This includes members of the television production team, executives, and others. She also claims he tried to traffic her to other men, including other employees, for sexual purposes.

This is not the first time McMahon has dealt with accusations of sexual impropriety. In 2022, it was revealed that he had paid millions of dollars to other women who had alleged that he sexually assaulted them as well.

McMahon is accused of sexually misconduct with women working for him and then using company money to buy their silence. The allegations initially forced him to step away from the company while his daughter, Stephanie McMahon Levesque, took over.

On Wednesday, the company made public the latest development in McMahon’s legal battle, which saw federal agents execute “a search warrant on World Wrestling Entertainment boss Vince McMahon last month and served him with a federal grand jury subpoena,” according to CNBC.

The lawsuit will likely raise questions about the culture within the WWE. There have been several people who have recounted similar stories involving McMahon or other WWE employees. If the allegations are proven to be true, it could have major implications for his future leading the company.

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