This Ingo Maurer Table Lamp Is Living In My Head Rent-Free


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When it comes to lighting fixtures, it feels like there are die-hard Isamu Noguchi lovers and then everyone else. (If you’re not already aware, I’ve developed what can only be diagnosed as a lamp addiction.) “Handmade paper lamps, such as Maurer’s and Noguchi’s Akari designs, are increasingly popular among collectors not just because they feel classic and timeless,” he says. “Their paper shades create a soft, beautiful light—and who doesn’t think our current crazy world looks better when viewed through some soft, gentle lighting?”

Bomi Jin, founder of BOMI, notes that paper is such a versatile material that can adapt to any space, so it makes sense that so many consumers would gravitate toward paper lamps and lanterns for their own homes. She thinks Lampampe is the perfect alternative for design enthusiasts that are more open to expanding their horizons and exploring other options on the market. “I think people are looking for something a little more different than Noguchi,” Bomi says. “Noguchi is definitely classic, but hopping on to another designer is really great.”

Bomi Jin says that customers always ask about the lamp, seen here on top of a table in the corner, while browsing the merchandise at her store. Prior to bringing Lampampe into the retail space, she had it placed by a window in her dining room. “We have a giant tree by the window and it had a really nice composition with this paper lamp and the nature outside,” Bomi adds.

Photo: Bomi Jin

If Bomi hadn’t randomly stumbled upon Lampampe in a store in Seattle almost a decade ago, she might not have ever known about Maurer at all. “I found out about Ingo Maurer because of the lamp and I became a fan of his work,” she admits. “It was the other way around, I knew the lamp first and then got to know him, so that was interesting.”

While Bomi prefers quiet interiors that create a sense of stillness, she appreciates objects with a fun, playful twist like Lampampe. “I don’t want things to be screaming out loud, ‘Look at me, I’m pretty,’” she explains. “This lamp can be quiet and bold at the same time. The fact that it’s using the paper texture gives a humble presence to it too…. I like a space with breathing room that’s not cluttered so your eye can rest on the objects and things that you curate.”

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