REPORT: After Trump Saw RedState's Reporting on Ronna McDaniel, He Asked Her to Resign From the RNC


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Ronna McDaniel officially announced her resignation from the RNC Monday morning in a long statement that glossed over the portions of her tenure management consultants would call “opportunities for growth” or “challenging situations.”

When Fox & Friends covered the breaking development, co-host Lawrence Jones added:

Obviously I’ve been talking about Ronna McDaniel, but it looks like the straw that broke the camel’s back was the reporting done by Jennifer Van Laar. Apparently there was $3.1 million in private jet services since 2017, $1.3 million in limousine and chauffeur services, $17.1 million in donor mementos. And all of this is fine, typically, if you’re winning. Because the RNC has not been winning, then they really started to look at these financial documents.

And from what I’m hearing the former president was not too happy when the report came out. He was loyal to her, but he said it’s time for her to go.

Here’s the video:

As Jones said, if not for RedState’s investigative reporting – which is made possible by our VIP members – we would still have Ronna Romney McDaniel leading the RNC, and she’d be there through the 2024 election.

In addition to what was contained in our latest report on RNC’s finances, RedState’s reporting revealed that one of the consulting firms McDaniel hired in 2023 – to consult on the GOP presidential primary debates – was a strategic communications and crisis management consulting firm just launched by two ABC News veterans.

So, for those of you who asked why the debates seemed like they were aimed at Democrats, perhaps this is one reason. And they were paid $78,000 within four months to bring us unwatchable debates moderated by liberals from NBC News and Univision.

Again, none of this would be possible without the financial support of our VIP members.

We also determined that one of the management consultants, Tinna Jackson, had just resigned from her job as the RNC’s chief operating officer to start collecting $20,000 a month as a “management consultant” for her former employer.

Got BIG info from a tipster last night about “Jackson Consulting Group” in the RNC’s Management Consulting category. I thought it was somewhat legit because the company website was all about feel-good executive coaching, etc. HOWEVER… The “Tinna Jackson” who runs it is none other than Earnestine Jackson, the former COO of the RNC! She buried that work on her LinkedIn by referencing it as “National Political Committee” and when you look at her job JUST PRIOR to that as being with “Equal Justice Works.” AND it gets better. E. Tinna Jackson’s last biweekly paycheck with the RNC was $8,584.09 on 4/13/23. Jackson Consulting Group’s first payment from the RNC for consulting was on 4/21/23 for $20,183.65. 

Armed with the facts and documentation brought out in our reporting, grassroots activists from around the country have been demanding a change and that reporting came to the attention of Donald Trump. And the rest is history.

As we’ve written many times on these pages, the only way this original investigative reporting could happen and can continue to happen is through the financial support of our readers. Clearly, we highlight corruption and malfeasance on the left, but sometimes those on the right need to be held to account too so conservatives can win hearts and minds – and elections. Much of the data we reported on with Ronna McDaniel was in publicly-available documents, but RedState was the first outlet to cover it, and still one of the only outlets to dive in. Why? Not only do we have investigative journalists who want to do the work; those journalists aren’t constrained by corporate bean counters who are afraid of the ramifications. We go where the truth leads us.

If you’re not already a RedState or Townhall Media VIP member, please support our investigative journalism efforts by joining today. You’ll get the best bang for your buck by choosing the RedState VIP Gold annual membership. In addition to the satisfaction of knowing you’re supporting original journalism that the regime doesn’t want you to see, you’ll enjoy an ad-free experience across all Townhall Media sites and exclusive articles and live chats. Use code SAVEAMERICA to save 50%.

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