RedState Weekly Briefing: Elon Whiffs, Fani Flails, Takei and Sharpton Step in It


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Welcome to the RedState Weekly Briefing  — where we take a quick look at the week’s most viewed stories in case you missed any of them. Grab a cup of coffee or hot toddy to help ward off the late winter blues, and sit down with this 21st Century Weekend Edition of your favorite (online) publication!

#1 – Punishment for ‘Misgendering’ Returns to X, Elon Musk’s Response Doesn’t Go Well

Accounts that “purposely use different pronouns to address someone other than what the person uses for themselves” will now have their visibility and reach limited. In other words, they will be shadowbanned, a popular practice under the Twitter regime. The resurrected rule is extremely broad as well, with X stating that it will go to the “target” to decide someone’s fate. That would seem ripe for abuse, as anyone could claim they were misgendered in an attempt to take down an account they don’t like. 

Musk did respond to Raichik’s post, claiming that the rule will only be enforced against those who purposefully and repeatedly target others with the “wrong” pronouns. People in the replies weren’t happy with his dismissiveness and lack of a real explanation.

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#2 – Star Trek’s George Takei’s Twisted Response to Illegal’s Alleged Murder of Nursing Student Does in Dems

First of all, Johnson didn’t “smear” anyone — he offered support to the family of the murdered woman. He also called on Biden to enforce the law. That to a Democrat like Takei apparently is “evil,” which tells you everything you need to know about why we have this problem at the border with Democrats in power. This is the kind of attitude they’ve had for three years. 

Second, nowhere in Takei’s post is there any concern or sympathy for the murdered girl or her family. Instead, he tries to make Johnson’s post about race and himself. It isn’t about race or Takei, it’s about the people being hurt by these policies.

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#3 – Fani Willis Files Desperate Effort to Counter New Cellphone Data, but It’s a Big Dud

Instead, as lawyer Technofog explains, Willis submitted calendar entries for other dates, not the above dates. 

Willis claimed in the filing that the data “did not prove anything relevant” and had “little evidentiary value.” She’s the only one who thinks so. 

When Trump attorney Steve Sadow was questioning Wade during the hearing, he asked him specifically about visiting the Hapewell address and Wade stepped right into it.

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#4 – Al Sharpton Hears About It After Telling Black Trump Supporters They Have ‘No Shame’

It’s one of the clearest-cut examples of Democrat privilege you’ll ever find.

Writing about Sharpton saying something stupid or offensive is a bit like a dog bites man story, but sometimes it deserves calling out, which brings us to the latest instance.

On a recent broadcast of his MSNBC show “Politics Nation,” Sharpton went on a rant about Trump’s comments in South Carolina from Friday about black voters allegedly embracing him in part because of his viral mugshot. Sharpton proclaimed it was part of a pattern of remarks from Trump and his surrogates that, in Sharpton’s view, should offend and alienate black voters.

“And those blacks that are standing there with him, have you no shame?” he asked toward the end of the segment.

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#5 – Here Are More of Those Texts That Made Terrence Bradley Say ‘Oh, Dang,’ and More Bad News for Fani Willis

Bradley even provided the name of the person who testified that the relationship began before Wade was hired, Robin Yearttie. You can read more of the texts on X here.

But during his testimony, he claimed he was “speculating” and didn’t know, despite the extensive conversations on the matter with Merchant. 

That’s when Trump attorney Steve Sadow just leveled him, given all he had discussed with Merchant.

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