OUTRAGE: NYU Professor Preaches Oct 7th Atrocity Denial to Students


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Amin Husain is a “Palestinian-American” activist whose stock in trade is badmouthing America and Israel. He also was, until recently, an adjunct professor at New York University (NYU.) In his latest outrage, he appeared on video denying the Hama-inflicted atrocities in Israel on Oct 7th, 2023.

An adjunct NYU professor denied reports that the terrorist group Hamas beheaded babies and raped women in Israel on October 7, telling a group of students last month: “We know it’s not true.” 

“We live in a Zionist city,” Amin Husain added at the December 5 “teach-in” organized by Students for Justice in Palestine at The New School, according to a video obtained by The Free Press. “No, let’s be real about this, let’s be fucking real.” 

He went on to joke about his reputation for being antisemitic, citing a petition launched by an NYU alumnus on October 17, 2023, calling for his dismissal: “I have a petition going around, right, because I’m antisemitic. I won the honors of antisemitic multiple times.”

Did you catch that? He describes being antisemitic as an “honor.” What scum.

A New York Post article about Husain’s masterminding an attack on NYC subways says he was “born in Palestine,” when, actually, he was born in the West Bank. His citizenship status is unclear, but if he is not a citizen, then his visa should be revoked immediately, followed by his likewise-immediate deportation back to where he came from. If he is a naturalized citizen, his citizenship can be revoked; the 14th Amendment specifically allows for it. That should be done as quickly as possible, followed by his return to the West Bank. We have no need for this kind of person in the United States. He brings no value to anyone or anything, he does not belong here, and he should be removed as soon as possible. It’s past time we stopped putting up with this kind of person — and I use the word “person” in the broadest possible sense.

In any case, this detestable sack-o-crap should never again be in a position to influence young minds.

Husain no longer teaches classes at NYU, but his exact status is unclear. Rarely would an outright dismissal be so clearly indicated, but American academia seems all too friendly to anti-America and, in this case, anti-civilization viewpoints. If Husain is still on the NYU campus, then there can be no doubt that he is still influencing the young skulls full of mush in residence there.

NYU spokesperson John Beckman told The (New York) Post that Husain is no longer teaching at the school, but did not specify if he was fired or when the university made its decision. 

“To be clear, Mr. Husain has been suspended and is not currently teaching any classes at NYU,” Beckman said. “All members of our community must adhere to the University’s discrimination and anti-harassment policies; We investigate all complaints we receive and take appropriate action, which may include taking measures, such as suspension.”

Amin Husain, sadly, is just one example of the savagery that consumes some people on this topic. Even the Gazans are getting tired of it.

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Let Amin Husain serve as an object lesson. There is ample — and horrifying — evidence of Hamas’ atrocities. That evidence appears in photos, on video — some taken from dead Hamas terrorists — and in the form of first-hand accounts. They happened. Hamas terrorists raped and murdered women, they tortured and murdered elderly people, they murdered children and infants. These are facts. Amin Husain should face consequences for spreading these horrific, deliberate lies; removal from the United States is indicated. Get him out. Let him go preach on the West Bank. He doesn’t belong here. America has no place for such as he.

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