Michigan Results Spell Big Trouble for Biden, Good News for Trump


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On the face of it, former President Donald Trump and Joe Biden won their primaries easily. 

Trump beat Nikki Haley by 42 points, 68.1 percent to 26.5 as of Wednesday morning, and that’s likely with some Democrats crossing over to play games and vote for Haley. So the spread with just Republicans would probably have been higher even for Trump. 

But the interesting aspect in Michigan was the protest vote against Joe Biden from the left. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D0MI) had called on people to vote “uncommitted” to show Biden that they were unhappy with his position on the Israel-Hamas war. 


LIVE: Michigan Presidential Primary Results

Rashida Tlaib Turns on Biden Over Israel, Urges Michigan Democrats to Vote Against Him in the Primary

Biden lost over 101,000 people to “uncommitted,” with the votes for Marianne Williamson and Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) making it more than 140,000 “not Biden.” 

It was even worse in Dearborn, where Biden lost the city. 

Here was CNN’s John King noting the first numbers coming in and saying, “So that’s a wow.”  

Now those were incomplete numbers but the Dearborn numbers by the end of the night were 6290 “uncommitted” to 4517 Biden, 56.22 percent to 40.37 percent. 

More voted in the GOP primary than for the “uncommitted” protest against Biden in Dearborn, which is an intriguing number, although it may have been pumped up by the crossovers.

It should also be noted that the turnout for Democrats was lower than for Republicans, with 1,110,373 voting in the Republican primary and 762,187. That might be affected by both crossover and low enthusiasm for Biden. 

Another big number is the raw numbers for Trump and Biden. Trump got 756,134 and Biden got 617,925. as of this morning at 8 a.m. That’s 139,000 more for Trump in Michigan. Trump’s number was almost the same as all the Democratic votes combined. 

This all spells big trouble for Joe Biden in the general election. While he might get the crossovers who voted for Haley back, if a substantial number of the 140,000+ people who wouldn’t vote for him in the primary stay away as they might in the general election, that’s the game right there. 

The primary seems to be in line with the RCP average which has Trump up by 5.1 points now. All the current polls in Michigan have Trump up. If the numbers can hold, and Trump takes Michigan that also spells bad news for Biden nationwide as well. Trump is up right now in all the swing states in the polls. 


Court Rules Kristina Karamo Was Properly Removed As Michigan GOP Chair on Jan 6th

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