Home Gov & Politics In Meeting With Iraqi Leader, Biden Badly Slurs Even With Cheat Sheet, Checks Watch, Staff Tosses Press

In Meeting With Iraqi Leader, Biden Badly Slurs Even With Cheat Sheet, Checks Watch, Staff Tosses Press

In Meeting With Iraqi Leader, Biden Badly Slurs Even With Cheat Sheet, Checks Watch, Staff Tosses Press


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Joe Biden has not looked good since he had to rush back from vacation at his beach house on Saturday. You can see here how bad he looks, struggling/shuffling back into the White House. He looks so ancient and out of it. 

Then came the attack on Israel by Iran, with now a lot of questions being raised about the Biden team’s communication with Iran beforehand. It’s quickly rising to a real problem for them, and they’re trying to cover another mess/scandal yet again. As I wrote earlier, on top of that, he said something in his official statement about the attack that wasn’t true and is raising more questions. 


US Officials Now Denying Heads Up From Iran on Attack As Questions Build Over Alleged Communication

Biden Told a Huge Whopper in Official Statement About Iran Attack

Monday was one of those days when Joe Biden had more than one thing on his schedule. He had two meetings scheduled: one with Prime Minister Mohammed Shyaa Al-Sudani of the Republic of Iraq and the other with Prime Minister Petr Fiala of the Czech Republic. 

In his photo-op shot with the Iraqi prime minister, Biden was slurring badly despite the fact that he was reading wholesale from a cheat sheet. He still couldn’t get it out right. 

“As you know, Iran launched an unprichidented [slurring] aerial attack against Israel and we mounted an unprecedented effort to defend Israel,” Biden said. 

“Together with our partners, we defeated that attack,” he continued. 

“The United States is committed to Israel’s security. We’re committed to a ceasefire that will bring the hostages home and prevent any conflict from spreading more than it already has.” 

Committed to a ceasefire? But Hamas isn’t, and the more you roll over for them, the more weakness you show, the more action from bad actors you get — like the attack from Iran. 

The prime minister looks like he’d rather be anywhere else. 

When the prime minister was talking, Biden was rudely checking his watch. 

So much for Biden’s concentration, even for that short period of time. 

Checking your watch conveys that you want out of there; it’s not a good look to send to a visiting dignitary when you’re meeting with him or when you’re meeting with the families of dead American troops, which Biden also did. The way he moved his arm to look at it made me wonder if it was an Apple Watch and if he got a message. I think he generally wears a regular watch, and it was hard to tell from the video. 

You know his staff was going to do all they could to keep him from answering questions about Iran. So, at the end of the brief remarks, they immediately tried to push all the reporters out while Biden just sat and stared. 

But he isn’t going to be able to duck the questions on this, and if he tries, add one more thing to the list of why he’s going to go down in flames in the election. 


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