How to Outsource Your eLearning Content


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Snapshot: Outsourcing Content Development for eLearning

Numerous studies and reports show that the eLearning market is rapidly growing. This is due to the growing adoption of eLearning by individuals and corporations as well as institutions that recognize its efficiency and ease of use for training and educating their staff.

The eLearning market has been driven by the growing penetration of smartphones and low-cost internet connectivity. This has made it possible for learners to access eLearning content anywhere and anytime. The eLearning market is also growing due to the acceptance and increasing popularity of eLearning as an effective and viable alternative to traditional classroom-based learning.

Companies that specialize in eLearning are creative and innovative in the way they approach developing eLearning content. They are constantly looking for innovative ways to engage learners, making the learning experience more engaging and efficient. Professionals who specialize in creating high-quality eLearning materials for different industries and sectors are called eLearning content creators. These professionals are skilled in Instructional Design principles. They use their knowledge to create engaging, interactive and effective eLearning content. These professionals are proficient in Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storiesline, and Adobe Creative Suite to create interactive elements such as quizzes, exercises and games that aid learners in retaining and applying the information they have learned.

Why should you outsource your eLearning content development?

Let’s start by taking a look at the numbers.

Are you unsure whether to create eLearning content internally or outsource it? The answer is easy: Outsource Are you still not convinced? These are seven reasons outsourcing eLearning solutions makes sense.

  1. Access to specialized professionals

    Partnering with a digital learning company will give you access to highly-skilled and experienced professionals with technical expertise and knowledge in eLearning content creation. These professionals are equipped to provide high-quality eLearning solutions tailored to your project requirements.
  2. Shorter time to market

    Experienced eLearning service providers have the processes and resources in place to provide high-quality solutions fast and efficiently. This allows you to get your eLearning content created and deployed much faster than if it were developed in-house.
  3. A simplified organizational focus

    You can focus on your core competencies while outsourcing eLearning content creation. Experts will handle the rest. This will allow you to focus on your core competencies and business areas while outsourcing eLearning content development.
  4. Substantial cost savings

    You can take advantage of lower labor cost and other cost-saving strategies by outsourcing eLearning content creation. This allows you to reduce your eLearning content development costs without compromising quality.
  5. Keep up with the latest trends

    eLearning service providers are always looking for new ways to innovate and stay abreast of the latest technologies and trends in the eLearning sector. Partnering with an eLearning company will allow you to leverage their expertise and ensure your eLearning content stays up-to-date.
  6. Scalability

    Outsourcing to a third party service provider makes it much easier to scale up eLearning content creation efforts than attempting to do so in-house. Because the service provider is equipped with the necessary resources and processes to meet increased demand, you can scale up your eLearning content creation efforts efficiently and smoothly.
  7. Higher reliability

    Providers of eLearning services have the processes and systems in place to provide high-quality solutions.

Are you still not convinced? You might be hesitant to outsource if you encounter obstacles.

What are the Barriers to Outsourcing eLearning Development? How can they be overcome?

When is it appropriate to outsource eLearning?

There is no single answer for when eLearning outsourcing is right. It all depends on the needs and goals of each company. There are several factors that may indicate it is the right time for eLearning outsourcing.

  1. If the company does not have the resources and expertise to create eLearning content internally
  2. When eLearning content is in high demand
  3. If the company is looking to save money and time
  4. If the company wishes to increase the quality of its eLearning content

What tasks can be outsourced in eLearning Design and Development?

Outsourcing the following tasks allows you to access the expertise of professional eLearning development and design companies, and create high-quality and efficient eLearning courses.

  • Instructional Design

    This includes the creation of a learning program and the design and production of instructional materials that align with the learning objectives and target audience.
  • Content development

    This includes the creation of educational materials such as quizzes and videos, course modules, and interactive elements.
  • Multimedia development

    This includes creating multimedia elements such as videos, animations and audio files to be used in the eLearning courses.
  • Learning Management System Customization

    This requires that the LMS is customized to meet the needs of each eLearning course.
  • Translation and Localization

    This includes translating the eLearning content into different languages and adapting it for various cultures.
  • Quality assurance

    This includes testing and evaluating eLearning content to make sure it meets the learning objectives.
  • Technical Support

    This includes providing technical support for learners in the eLearning course. It may include answering questions and troubleshooting technical problems.

In conclusion

Outsourcing eLearning content creation can provide benefits like access to expertise, cost efficiency, and the ability scale your eLearning initiatives. Your internal team should be involved in the process to ensure the eLearning content is aligned with your business goals. A high-quality company that develops eLearning content can help you to create innovative and efficient solutions.

Outsourcing eLearning content creation is a major investment decision. It is therefore important to fully understand your company’s goals and needs in order to make the right decision to support its growth. You can combine the talents and experience of your team with the expertise and knowledge of an eLearning content company to create eLearning courses that are relevant and useful and will help you grow your business.

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