'Everybody Needs To Be Welcomed': George Lopez Reveals Why He Can't Stay 'Silent' On Trump


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George Lopez gave his two cents on Donald Trump as he explained why he couldn’t stay “silent” on the former president.

The actor and comedian, in an appearance on “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?,” broke down why he had to speak out when the CNN anchor brought up Trump criticizing migrants who come to the U.S. “without documentation.”

“I just cannot allow somebody to demonize a certain group of people,” said Lopez, who mocked the former president’s border wall plans in his 2020 Netflix special.

“People come from all over the world. This is America, everybody needs to be welcomed. And for somebody to, you know, point the light at people that, you know, I’m sure this country benefits from their work every day. I just don’t think that those people should be made to feel like they’re the reason America is the way that it is.”

Lopez, who had Trump onhislate-night talk show before becoming a harsh critic of him ahead of the 2016 election, once pretended to urinate on Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and sparked controversy with his “we’ll do it for half” comment about the former president in 2020.

Wallace later asked Lopez what he thinks about the current GOP front-runner ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

“I have to say, I’m surprised that somebody can be so racially out with their views targeted toward people, you know, tainting the blood and all these things are very reminiscent of Nazi Germany,” said Lopez before Wallace corrected him and noted Trump’s “poisoning the blood” remarks.

“Vermin, shithole countries and all those things. I don’t think of him much as a president and I think less of him as a man.”


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