Carville Says Trump Can Win If 'He's Treated Like a Normal Candidate,' Compares Him to Notorious Nazi


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You gotta hand it to Democrat political consultant James Carville. While most Democrat attacks on former President Donald Trump are visceral, with many simply delusional, Carville is at least honest about his take on the November presidential election — and the Ragin’ Cajun is scared out of his Louisiana shorts. 

“This is not a normal election,” Carville warned in a Wednesday interview on MSNBC, as he whined about a “massive effort” underway to normalize Trump’s presidential candidacy — as if the former president is Satan’s spawn. 

Nothing is normal about this at all. And if you watched his speech last night, it was completely unhinged. What I am obsessed with is — stop treating him like he is a normal candidate.

Following his own advice, Carville, former senior advisor then-President Bill Clinton, compared Trump to WW II Nazi military leader Hermann Goering, one of Adolf Hitler’s closest and most notorious lieutenants.

Here’s a portion of Trump’s Tuesday night victory speech in New Hampshire:

Warning: coarse language

Carville then got real:

But if you look at this, there is a chance that Trump could win this election. And the way that he wins is he is treated as a normal candidate.

Translation: Again, Carville is terrified by the prospect of Trump winning in November, and as a result, he’s all but demanding that the so-called “mainstream” (liberal) media cover the former president more brutally than they already are — and have, since 2016. 

We’re ill-informing the public of just what a wretched human being this man is. And there is a giant effort to try to normalize this.

Carville even suggested that The New York Times and other major media outlets should continually remind the public that Trump in May 2023 was “found to be a rapist by a jury,” a reference to allegations made by author and advice columnist E. Jean Caroll, although jurors opted for a lesser option: sexual abuse. 

So here’s the thing. Carville’s stock and trade as a political consultant has largely consisted of attacking Republican opponents rather than singing the praises of Democrats. Yet, as it now stands, Trump’s campaign appears to be unstoppable — and I suspect that the more he’s attacked by the left, the better he’ll do in the polls. That has to be scary as hell for a party saddled with walking, talking calamity Joe Biden.

The Bottom Line

While Democrat politicians and influencers continue to obsess over Donald Trump and how they can — and think they should — attack him even more viciously, barely coherent Joe Biden continues his mumbling nonsensical speeches, plentiful vacations, serial-lying about his intentionally created border crisis, blatant race-baiting, and silly attacks on “Hitler” Trump MAGA “extremists.”

Is that any way to run a winning presidential campaign? Hell, no. But that’s all that Biden and the Democrats have — which is why political hacks like James Carville continue to lose their crap.


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