American Honda’s Gardner will retire. Sales exec Diallo promoted


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After a 34-year tenure with the Japanese automaker, Dave Gardner, American Honda Motor Co.‘s executive Vice President of National Operations, will be retiring.

Gardner, 62 years old, spent most of his career at Honda Canada Inc. as a manager before moving to the U.S. in 2020.

Mamadou Diallo will assume some of Gardner’s responsibilities as senior vice president for auto sales. Other executives will take on the balance of Gardner’s responsibilities. Other details were not provided.

His new role includes full oversight of Honda and Acura sales, sales planning and strategy, as well as new product communication divisions.

These changes take effect April 1.

Diallo stated that Gardner was tasked with leading American Honda through COVID-19. This involves coping with global supply limitations and restructuring the sales organization.

American Honda was among the worst-hit manufacturers in the last two years due to microchip shortages and their impact on factory output. Honda and Acura both struggled to meet high demand. This left dealers with limited supply.

Gardner also set the direction of the company’s electrified and digital transformation. Diallo stated that this will be a key focus of his new role.

The Prologue, and the will both be introduced next year by Acura and Honda as part of a product-sharing partnership with General Motors. Acura is also working with its dealer network on a ” Omnichannel” sales platform, which will be launched alongside the ZDX.

Diallo, 48 years old, began his career at American Honda in 2001. He has worked in both Acura and Honda brands on the ground and at American Honda’s Torrance headquarters. He was promoted to the position of assistant vice president of Acura Sales in 2017 and became senior manager of Acura National Sales. He was promoted to assistant vice president of Acura sales in 2017 and then vice president of Auto Operations in 2021. In 2022, he took over the role of vice president for auto sales.

Gardner’s future road map includes the promotion of younger associates.

“It is very important that people involved in decision-making today are there to see how it unfolds,” Gardner said to Automotive News during an interview last Juni, two months after Diallo was promoted.

Gardner stated that the company is going through a major transition, giving new leaders the chance to show their enthusiasm and initiative. “We are thinking more about succession and the long-term than in the past.”

American Honda’s May 2020 executive vice president of automobile sales was Gardner. He oversees sales and marketing activities for the Honda and Acura brands. He was also the executive vice president for parts, service, and technical operations.

He was appointed executive vice president of operations for national operations two months later as part of a corporate restructuring.

He took over the newly created Marketing and Customer Experience unit in January 2021. His responsibilities grew to include product planning and market research.

Gardner is a member of American Honda’s board and the Honda North American Regional Operating Board. Jessica Fini, American Honda’s spokeswoman, said that replacements for each board will be decided based on organizational changes.

Honda has made other organizational changes as well, including the leadership change.

  • CASE & Energy will be renamed Sustainability & Business Development to better focus on new business development and energy.
  • The new Digital Services & Marketing division will combine digital service development with software services.
  • CASE (Connected Autonomous Shared and Electrified), is responsible for the new Google-In system by Honda. It will be available on the Touring trim of the new-generation Honda Accord . This project teases Honda’s ambitions for over-the air updates and will be covered by Digital Services & Marketing.
  • The new, streamlined Electrification Business Development Operations Unit within parent Honda Motor Co. will assist in the company’s acceleration of electrification efforts.
  • Six of the six global regional operations of the parent company will be combined to create three new “global groups”: North America, China, and South America. The group also includes Japan, Asia & Oceania, South America, Europe, Africa, and Middle East.

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