19 Best Bed Sheets of 2024, Tested and Reviewed


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What attracted you to these bed sheets? I was in the market for new bed sheets and headed to Amazon. These 400 thread count sheets stood out for their many rave reviews. They’re billed as super soft, hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, and naturally cooling, thanks to the eucalyptus lyocell fabric. As an added bonus, they’re chemical-free and sustainably made. Oh, they also come with a lifetime warranty. How can you go wrong? I got them in gray.

How do they fit your bed? The fit was the only thing that was a little off. These sheets have deep pockets, and my mattress isn’t that deep. I didn’t think it would matter, but it turns out it does—the fitted sheet is just a little looser than I would have preferred, but the sheets are still great overall.

What’s it like sleeping on these bed sheets? They’ve got a smooth, silky feel that is, really, nothing like a regular cotton sheet—the cooling effect is the most noticeable thing about them. These bed sheets are super refreshing when it’s hot out.

Did the sheets live up to your expectations? Yes! I liked them. Not only were they comfortable, the gray color is beautiful.

  • Would you recommend the sheets to a friend? Yes, especially if they want cooling sheets with great breathability.
  • Pros: Silky feel, cooling construction
  • Cons: Price investment
  • Washing Instructions: Machine wash on a warm setting and tumble dry on low. Don’t dry clean and if you need to iron, do so on a medium setting.
  • Material: 100% Tencel lyocell
  • Colors available: Fog, Forest, Snow, Dove, Sky, Pebble, Blush
  • Bed sheets reviewer: Rachel Fletcher, senior commerce editor

What attracted you to these bed sheets? Being a hotter sleeper, I wanted to try a eucalyptus set of sheets—this eco-friendly, Tencel lyocell blend from Sijo fit the bill! The sustainability and breathability of the fabric really stood out to me.

How do they fit your bed? These sheets have a more relaxed, looser look than someone who is used to sleeping on cotton percale or anything a bit more stiff. They don’t cling to every corner, and have a satiny shine.

What’s it like sleeping on these bed sheets? These sheets have an almost liquid, viscose kind of feel. Like slippery, but in a nice and cooling way versus an “I’m going to slide off this bed” kind of a way. It’s kind of like sleeping on a perfectly worn in vintage T-shirt that also keeps you from getting sweaty.

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