‘You’re a N—er’: Vile White Man Goes on Racist, Profanity-Laced Rant, Threatens to Ram Into Woman’s Vehicle, Video Shows


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A crazed white man was captured on camera hurling racial and other bigoted slurs while leaving a gas station convenience store.

After calling the register clerk the N-word, he is filmed getting into his car and then launching a vile tirade at the woman behind the cellphone recording him.

The video starts out with the cashier saying that their parents were born in the United States.

White Man Goes on Racist, Profanity-Laced Rant, Threatens to Ram Into Woman's Vehicle, Video Shows

Man captured cussing and attempting to hit a vehicle in a screen grab from a viral video. (Twitter/notcapnamerica)

The man, dressed in a tan shirt, black shorts, tangerine, and black Nikes, who has a buzz cut, said, “No, they weren’t. You’re a n—er.”

An unnamed woman said that she was recording him, to which he responded, “I don’t give a f–k.”

Once outside, the man got inside of his green SUV and focused his attention on the person filming. As he began to drive around crazily in the gas station and berate the woman, she yelled, “Dude, f–k off.”


It was then that the man started to spit vulgarities at the woman and threaten her as she asked him to “get away” from her.

First, he called her ugly, but then commented, “You f–cking four-eyed sick b–ch,” and degraded her by saying her private parts smelled bad and called her a “dirty whore.”

Within seconds, he said he was going to ram his vehicle into hers.

“Let’s just smash the back of your car,” he said as he pulled his Ford back and seemed to approach her.

Terrified, the woman begged him to get away from her, and he did — swerving off.

The video of the event was uploaded to That Danesh Guy’s TikTok account and received 2.7 million views in less than 24 hours.

The TikToker identified the man in the video, but Atlanta Black Star has not been able to independently confirm his identity. It is also unclear what led up to the man’s hateful rant captured on the video.

Danesh says that the person looks and is dressed similarly to a man who previously had his bike stolen in Denver’s Washington Park neighborhood in August 2023. In an article on a local news website, the man said he was violently attacked by another person when he tried to get his bike back.

Danesh’s video garnered nearly 300 comments as of Monday evening. A copy of the video, which was reshared on X, has been viewed over 3 million times.

“That man has so much hate in his heart,” one viewer wrote. “Men are freaking losing their minds,” wrote another.

“What a nut job!” another chimed in. “The insanity is off the charts,” one viewer wrote.

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