‘Yeah, Homeboy, Get Out!’: Unhinged Georgia Man Hurls Racial Slur, Taunts Black Man During Road Rage Dispute While Wearing Company Shirt In Shocking Video


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A viral video shows a man yelling and hurling racial slurs at a Black man in what appears to be a road rage incident in the metro-Atlanta area.

In the 56-second video posted on X, the man wearing a gray work shirt and backward cap approaches the Black man’s window at a freeway exit in an Atlanta suburb. The Black man instantly tries to make out what company the man works for.

The unidentified man called the Black man the N-word during road rage dispute. (X/@GAFollowers/Screenshot)

The unidentified man called the Black man the N-word during road rage dispute. (X/@GAFollowers/Screenshot)

“Greenway?” he said. “What does that say on your shirt?”

“What does it matter what I say on my shirt,” the other man responded. “What does it say on my shirt? It says f**k you.”

It’s unclear what company the man works for and if he was on the clock during the confrontation. He continued to goad the man to get out of the car.

The Black man sitting on the driver’s side of the vehicle ignored his demands. Seconds later, the other man returned to his van and took his shirt off before continuing his rant.

“What the f**k it says on my f**king shirt homeboy. You see what this says? It says crazy a** f**king white boy,” he said. “Get the f**k out you scary a** n***r. Yeah, homeboy, get out!”

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The driver remained in his car and stopped recording as the shirtless man backed away from the car. The video garnered more than 100,000 views on the social media platform. Some people commended how the driver reacted, while others said they would’ve fought back.

“That looks like the Glenwood Rd. exit. That mf better be lucky other Black people ain’t hear him cuz Glenwood ain’t a place you wanna go around saying “n!gger”. They should’ve beat his ass,” one X user replied.

“Watching a racist fool act a racist fool from *inside* your car is always the right decision,” one user said.

Another person chimed in: “Y’all be quick to say what you gone do but don’t know how you would actually react in a situation like this so stfu.”

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