White Woman In Blackface Rants At Target And Starbucks In Colorado: “Trump Is Coming”


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A white woman named Ersilia Campbell has been taken into protective custody by the Aurora, Colo. PD after wearing blackface and going on a bizarre rant at a Colorado Target and Starbucks.

TMZ reported that the deranged woman is also a former Colorado postal worker who had been recently let go and was “looking for a new job.”

In a video obtained by the outlet, Campbell walked into the Target store with a dark substance all over her face, ranting that she should be able to do the racist antic because Lester Holt of NBC wore “whiteface.”

“Lester Holt did ‘whiteface’ and nobody said sh*t,” the lady can be heard telling an employee who confronted her about the offensive face paint. Holt, who is Black, dressed up as British singer Susan Boyle for an episode of the Today show a decade ago.

See image below.

Campbell then asked about the retail store’s Pride section, and became frustrated when she learned that the LGBTQIA+ celebratory month ended in June.

“Oh, I thought they were celebrating this and they took our flag forever, no?” she responded, referring to Pride’s signature rainbow flag. “I don’t shop at Target,” she snapped while leaving the store.

However, her unhinged behavior didn’t end there, Campbell then made her way over to Starbucks.

While sitting in the coffee shop, Campbell posted a video — still in blackface — wearing Donald Trump campaign stickers.

“I never treat myself to Starbucks since the post office got rid of me,” she said before stating, “Trump is coming … I’m showing my titties.” She then leaned back to reveal two stickers positioned over her breasts.

Campbell then revealed that she was on her “way to the post office for a job,” and that, “they will never recognize my picture now,” referring to her former co-workers at the post office. Per TMZ, the woman’s LinkedIn lists her as an operations supervisor at the United State Postal Service, but she was let go in February.

See both bizarre Target and Starbucks clips in the video above.


Reportedly, on Tuesday (July 1), the USPS distributed a notice to their current employees identifying Campbell as a trespasser, and cautioning workers to be on the look out for Campbell’s possible return. The PSA urged employees to alert the Postal Inspection Service if she entered the facility.

The woman also previously ranted against her former co-workers, whom she called “some of the loneliest, miserable, trashiest, lazy people in my life,” TMZ reports.

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