WATCH: We've Reached the 'Perfect Phone Call' Part of the Biden Bribery Scandal


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Rep. Dan Goldman made the rounds on Sunday again to play clean-up crew. The freshman congressman has spent most of his short tenure operating as a legal apologetic for the Biden family, and often badly.

Goldman’s latest gaslighting session happened with Jake Tapper on CNN. In it, not only did the congressman defend Hunter Biden, but he suggested that there was nothing at all questionable about Joe Biden meeting with his son’s business associates.

There are really two angles here. The first is how this is being reported. We all know Aaron Rupar, who fancies himself a “journalist” for reposting cable news clips, is a left-wing hack. Still, it’s pretty incredible to see all of this being excused as no big deal.

Imagine the year is 2019, and it’s just been uncovered that Donald Trump Jr. was receiving millions of dollars from Russian oligarchs. Then it’s further revealed that President Donald Trump is not only phoning into his son’s foreign business meetings to “say hello,” but that he’s also having dinner with at least one of the oligarchs in question. And lo and behold, that oligarch even manages to avoid sanctions while the rest of her oligarch pals get nailed.

How do you think Aaron Rupar would report that? How do you think Jake Tapper and Daniel Goldman would respond? That’s rhetorical because we all know they’d be losing their minds, screaming about Russian collusion and suggesting treason charges for Trump.

Yet, here are the same hysterics, who spent half a decade freaking out about something that didn’t happen, suddenly having no serious concerns about Joe Biden dining with a Russian oligarch that paid the Biden family millions and then went on to avoid sanctions. I mean, come on.

Regardless, Goldman’s statements are wrong. On the issue of Hunter Biden’s issues normally being a civil matter, that’s not true. The gun charge is always a criminal action, and DOJ protocol normally requires the pursuit of prison time in relation to it.

As to the tax issues, while many are handled civilly, Hunter Biden didn’t just avoid paying taxes once or twice. He had years upon years of unpaid taxes bolstered by what appeared to be fraud (claiming prostitutes and sex club memberships). Those are the kinds of tax issues that can and often do lead to criminal prosecution. In fact, the DOJ let the statute of limitations run out on the most serious occurrences.

Back to Joe Biden, as many have noted, the explanation for why he was on the phone calls just doesn’t make sense. Goldman claiming he just wanted to “say hello” is his version of claiming it was a “perfect phone call,” the very kind of explanation Democrats have mocked for years. How many times have you patched your father into a business meeting he ostensibly isn’t connected to and has no knowledge of just to “say hello?” That’s not a thing normal people do. Even that obscures that Biden did meet with Hunter Biden’s business partners in person as well, though.

Goldman knows what he’s doing, and the press outlets inviting him on know what he’s doing. All of them should feel embarrassed over it.

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