WATCH: Matt Gaetz Causes CNN Host to End Interview After Fact-Checking Her Live On-Air


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CNN’s Abby Phillip learned on Friday evening why you don’t try to challenge someone on-air without having all the facts. 

Phillip has seen more screen time following the departure of Chris Licht, the liberal network’s former CEO, and she’s already made a name for herself. She was one of those pushing the idea that the hit movie Sound of Freedom was actually meant to appeal to QAnon conspiracy theorists. Phillip has also called Fox News “outrage porn,” apparently having no self-awareness at all about the fact that she works for CNN. 

PHILLIP: You did vote against the defense appropriations bill this week that…

GAETZ: No, I didn’t

PHILLIP: The rule…

GAETZ: No, you’re wrong 

PHILLIP: The rule to…

GAETZ: Abby, this is going to be a very embarrassing moment when the internet corrects you on this. I voted for the defense rule both times. 

PHILLIP: Uh, oh, well, I…I stand corrected. Congressman, appreciate you joining us tonight, thank you so much.

You have to love her ending the interview immediately. Given her statement, it appears she was trying to ask Gaetz another question before he dropped a real-time fact-check on her. I guess she didn’t want anymore after that. It’s likely that the rest of her interview notes centered on the idea that Gaetz voted against the rule and is somehow a hypocritical obstructionist. Once that was off the table, it was time for a commercial. 

I don’t know why reporters, and I believe Phillip identifies as such, do this. They let their own biases push them into making obvious mistakes because they are so eager to present a specific narrative. When it comes to Gaetz, the narrative CNN wants the audience to hear is that Republicans can’t govern and are putting national security at risk. 

Of course, that’s not true. Gaetz has been pushing for regular order, which means individual appropriation bills. You know, the way the government used to spend money for most of its history until about five minutes ago. Imagine being treated as an obstructionist because you just want to do things the way they are supposed to be done. It’s absurd. 

Regardless, I’m sure Phillip gave her producer an earful after the interview, assuming she was fed the idea that Gaetz had voted against the defense appropriation rule. Perhaps she’ll be just a bit more cautious next time. 

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