WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls Trump's Federal Indictment 'Actual Real Communism' in America


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As we reported earlier, former President Donald Trump was scheduled to appear at a Washington, D.C., federal courthouse at 4 p.m., just blocks from the U.S. Capitol, where he faces four felony charges related to his alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election, including his role in the Jan. 6 riot.

Meanwhile, Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, an ardent Trump supporter, fired off a six-minute video on “X” — Elon Musk’s new name for Twitter — calling Trump’s arraignment “actual real communism” in America. We’ll get to the hyperbolic comparison later, but I’m going to first focus on what MTG said, which was substantive and, I believe, relatively spot-on.

The fiery Georgian spoke at length about the state of the country under Joe Biden and Democrats, several times referring to “post-constitution” America.

So today President Trump is being indicted in Washington, D.C., in court with a jury of his so-called peers — they’re not his peers; everybody knows this. Everyone knows that he has no shot at a fair trial in the Washington, D.C., court system. No Republican has a fair shot at a trial in Washington, D.C., court.

But let’s also talk about the real situation. He’s being indicted for saying the election was stolen. You know who else said the election was stolen? Hillary Clinton said the [2016] election was stolen. And then everybody parroted her talking points.

Greene then launched into a recount of the summer of 2020 Black Lives Matter riots which, while she nailed it, wasn’t analogous to the events surrounding the 2020 presidential election and its aftermath, and vice versa. Then again, I’ve never been a fan of whataboutism, but MTG was on-point with her description of the BLM mayhem and the reaction of the Democrat Party and their lapdog media to it.

AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

MTG then broached the subject of the Constitution and how she thinks it relates to Trump’s indictment.

Those of my colleagues and many people I’m listening to right now talking about, ‘Oh, the Constitution, the Constitution!’ — I’m sorry, but I’m going to tell you the reality of how a lot of people feel. They feel like we’re actually post-Constitution.

I’ll leave it to others to make those kinds of declarations if they so choose, but I will say Joe Biden and the Democrat Party have done their damnest to circumvent America’s foundational document at every opportunity.

‘Actual Real Communism’

Again, I don’t disagree with the gist of MTG’s verbal missive, but whether Trump’s arraignment and second federal indictment amount to “actual real communism in America” is a different debate entirely.

The Democrats are indicting President Trump, but yet the Democrats are never held accountable. … Hillary Clinton didn’t get indicted for saying her election was stolen. As a matter of fact, no one gets indicted on the left.

Nothing ever happens. And those who are holding the power, and controlling … are putting the Constitution through a paper shredder by what they are doing with the Department of Justice.

This is not justice. This is the greatest injustice. This is actual real communism in America. The Biden administration is arresting and trying to put in jail their top political opponent, Donald Trump. Why? Because they’re watching the polls and they know he’s going to win. This is a serious situation.

A serious situation, indeed — on multiple fronts.

To be fair (honest), the latest New York Times/Sienna College poll showed both Biden and Trump with 43 percent support, while the Real Clear Politics Average showed Biden at +0.9 over Trump, with Biden up 4-5 points in several polls in the RCP average, and Trump up similarly in other polls.

The Bottom Line

The 2024 presidential election, this far out, appears to be a horse race between two guys with a combined age of 157 years, as we speak, and plenty of baggage to boot.

So predicting the winner of a presidential election 15 months away — not to mention the seemingly ever-changing multitude of issues surrounding both Trump and Biden — is a fool’s game, at best.

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