WATCH: Karine Jean-Pierre Flips Out When Faced Down By Peter Doocy Over the Border Crisis


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Authorities at the Southern border are facing an astronomical number of illegal border crossings as huge caravans made up of thousands of people wade through rivers and walk across bridges in places like Eagle Pass, TX. There’s no end to the crisis in sight either, with CBP and state-level enforcement arms being completely overwhelmed. 

Unfortunately, the Biden administration refuses to even level with the American people. Instead, when press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was pressed on the matter, her responses ran the gambit from dishonesty to anger.

To call what is happening at the Southern border “human, safe, and orderly” is objectively insane. I feel pretty comfortable in making that statement. People are being trafficked by drug cartels. Women and children are being raped and abused. People are dying while trying to make the treacherous journey, and when they finally reach the United States, they are living on street corners. There is nothing humane about that. The administration’s refusal to secure the border has created incentives that are leading to horrific outcomes. 

Frankly, the White House’s continued lies on the topic are immoral. They are the kind of lies you’d expect from sociopaths who show no actual care toward anyone they harm. Worse, when others try to step up and do the job the federal government won’t do, the administration attacks them. 

It’s not a political stunt. Do you know how I know? Because CBP agents are being sent to cut through the razor wire in order to allow streams of illegal immigrants through. Clearly, it’s effective. It is the Biden administration that is choosing to accelerate the border crisis. That is the political stunt, not state-level authorities just trying to stem the tide. 

Of course, when Jean-Pierre was asked to simply call the crisis a crisis, she flipped out. 

How old are these people? It’s like trying to talk to a three-year-old about quantum physics. It would not be hard to say, “Yes, it’s a crisis, and we intend to address it.” Instead, Jean-Pierre refuses to even answer the question, angrily shouting down Peter Doocy. The scene shows just how little respect the White House has for the press, and it’s astonishing that so many outlets continue to carry Biden’s water given how abused they are.

This can’t continue. When you even have the Governor of New York telling illegal immigrants not to come, you know there are no more resources left to take care of these people. America is a generous nation, but it’s not a supernatural one. Politicians can’t just click their heels together and make food, housing, and jobs appear. If this isn’t stopped at the border, more and more people will suffer. Perhaps that’s what the Biden administration wants.

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