WATCH: Hillary Drops Hitler Card on Trump, Waxes Histrionic About 'End of Our Country' if He Wins in 2024


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Hillary Rodham Clinton. The mere mention of the name conjures everything from love and adulation, in certain circles on the left, to justifiable disgust and condemnation among many on the right.

This article illustrates both extremes.

Hillary trotted onto the set of “The View” — where else? — on Wednesday’s episode and promptly proceeded to participate in a hyperbolic Donald Trump hatefest to beat the band. And what round of histrionic spewing between Hillary and “the ladies” would be complete without once again comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler? 

In the segment below, Stage 4 TDS-riddled Sunny Hostin kicked off the festivities by blathering: 

I think your loss to Trump in 2016 will go down as one of the most pivotal times in our country — one of the most pivotal moments in our country. And it’s still reeling from Trump’s policies, I think, and the deep divisions that he sowed, in this country. What, in your view, would happen if he were to be reelected? 

Yes, nonsensical — with zero examples to back up Hostin’s silly charges. And, of course, Hillary jumped all over it like a pig on an acorn, as shrill as she could be. 

Well, I can’t even think that because I think it would be the end of our country as we know it. And I don’t say that lightly … I hated losing, and I especially hated losing to him because I had seen so many warning signals during the campaign. 

But I immediately said, ‘Look, we have to give him a chance, we’ve got to support, you know, the president we have,’ and I meant it. I tried really hard.

Do you remember anything supportive Hillary said about Trump after she lost? Me, neither. 

After then launching into a laundry list of all of the terrible things Trump did after he was inaugurated, Hillary declared: “I think he’d be even worse, now,” further explaining:

He was somewhat restrained — believe it or not — in the first term, by people that he hired because he thought they go along with him, and they stood up to him.

And so now he’s going to — if he were ever near the Oval Office again — [he will] find people who have no principles, no conscience, who are totally tied to his fortunes, literally. Therefore, [they] would do whatever he said.

Classic Hillary Clinton — making up crock-of-crap stuff, with zero factual basis offered.

The Hitler Card

After she continued to paint Trump’s motives as pure evil—in her mind, that is—Hillary played the Hitler card:

Hitler was duly elected, right, and so all of a sudden, somebody with those tendencies — dictatorial, authoritarian tendencies — would be like, ‘OK, we’re going to shut this down, we’re going to throw these people in jail.’ They didn’t usually telegraph that.

Trump is telling us what he intends to do. Take him at his word!

One would think, given the current state of antisemitism occurring around the world, as Israel continues its rightful campaign to destroy Hamas, that political figures — even bitter ones like Hillary Clinton — would be able to refrain from comparing presidential candidates to Adolf Hitler.

Hillary defiantly showed us on Wednesday, that one thinking that would be wrong.

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Lisa Holden
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