WATCH: Gold Star Father Explodes at Joe Biden in Must-See Emotional Testimony


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As the nation remembers the anniversary of the disastrous evacuation from Afghanistan, marked by the devastating suicide bombing at Kabul airport that killed 13 service members, Gold Star families are speaking out. On Tuesday, the House Foreign Affairs Committee held a roundtable to give those grieving a platform, and one of those present was Mark Schmitz.

Schmitz lost his son after an insurgent denoted himself outside the gates of the Kabul airport, a tragedy that also took the lives of hundreds of innocent Afghans. That the situation was completely preventable is infuriating. That no one has ever been held accountable is doubly so.

On that point, Schmitz let loose in a must-see testimony laying out exactly how he and other Gold Star family members feel about the situation. 

SCHMITZ: Two years have gone by and where are we? To be frank, we’re kneedeep in bull****, is where we are. Everyone who held a key position in the military still has that position or has been promoted. John Kirby still sits on his perch, which apparently faces the opposite direction from where all the action was. Lincoln continues to delay key evidence by delaying subpoenas. Not a single general slapped down their stars, which should have happened two years ago when Biden ignored his reliable intelligence. 

Not a single person has been held accountable. Our so-called leader can’t seem to even utter their names in public, not even once. Mr. Biden has run his entire political campaign for 50 years as the family man. Well, I’ve got news for you, sir. The curtain has been lifting, and that campaign slogan will never work again. We have seen what’s going on in your family, and even worse, we’ve been seeing how you’ve been treating us as Gold Star families, and there couldn’t be anything more disgusting and cowardly than the way you have treated us. 

You are a disgrace to this nation. You have no business having ultimate command over our military, and I regret not saying that to your face when I had the opportunity in Dover. I felt it more important to bite my tongue, but I also had more important things on my mind at that time, like receiving my son’s lifeless body state-side. 

While I stood there on the tarmac, watching you check your watch over and over again, all I wanted to do was shout out, “It’s two ******* thirty, ***hole.” But out of respect for the other grieving families, I bit my tongue once again. Well as you can probably tell by now, I’m done biting my tongue. You, sir, stole their lives, their futures, their dreams, and have ripped apart 13 families. You can not even man up and admit that. You, sir, gave us all the title Gold Star family. You, sir, dishonor honor and integrity.

I’ll keep my commentary brief because I believe Mr. Schmitz’s words speak for themselves and should be taken for what they are. This isn’t about partisanship for these Gold Star families. It’s about having a president who has disgraced his office and treated them like afterthoughts despite his selfish decisions causing the deaths of their loved ones. Biden has never apologized for his role. He didn’t even demand a single member of his administration or the military chain of command resign. The president has never shown an ounce of care for what occurred. That’s not leadership, it’s sociopathy. 

Some might say we shouldn’t post these videos. They might suggest that it’s exploiting the pains of these families to publicize their testimonies. I couldn’t disagree more. They are speaking out because they want to be heard. The mainstream press won’t run segments telling the world what Schmitz had to say. For us to ignore him would just be another slap in the face. Accountability can only come with exposure, and as uncomfortable as it may be at times, that exposure is necessary.

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