WATCH: CNN Anguishes Over 81-Year-Old McConnell's Health, Ignores Same Issues With 80-Year-Old Biden


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In this episode of The Hypocrisy of ‘The Most Trusted Name in News’ Knows No Bounds…

In yet another example of why embattled CNN continues to swirl down the ratings toilet, CNN News Central on Thursday featured a laughable segment about 81-year-old Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell‘s age and health issues following an earlier moment when he stopped speaking during a press event.

Host John Berman and congressional correspondent Manu Raju talked about the incident at length, pointing to McConnell’s past falls and suggesting complications might make him incapable of carrying out his senatorial responsibilities.

Just one problem.

80-year-old Joe Biden has also fallen multiple times, tripped while walking up staircases, mumbled incoherently on numerous occasions, and abruptly started wandering around on the stage in the middle of making public comments — and CNN, self-anointed as “The Most Trust Name in News,” has ignored every minute of it. I know — try to ignore your shock and amazement.

So let’s go to the tape for the ridiculous clown show. Berman kicked off the festivities by suggesting McConnell’s momentary lapse was an earth-shattering event.

New overnight, CNN has learned that Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell has fallen multiple times this year, more times than we knew about. This new reporting comes after McConnell froze mid-sentence during his weekly news conference.

CNN chief Congressional correspondent Manu Raju is on the Hill this morning with this new reporting. Manu, what are you learning?

As to be expected, Raju was all over the melodrama, as well.

Yeah, I’ve been told by multiple sources this has happened on multiple occasions this year. Mayor McCo—me—Mitch McConnell is 81 years old, who walks with a slight limp, is a survivor of polio from his time as a child, has had issues walking for much of his life and it’s been more pronounced this year.

It has been at least three instances that we know of this year through our reporting and some—and the one very public one that occurred back in March when he fell and he hit his head, suffered a concussion, broke some ribs, was out for the Senate for six weeks.

But there are two other incidents that happened as well. One from—in February when he was traveling overseas with a U.S. delegation to meet with the president of Finland. As he was getting out of his car walking, it was a bit of a snowy day, I was told, he slipped and fell. He was not injured, he walked hims—he brushed himself off, he didn’t seek any immediate medical attention there, and continued on with his meeting.

Uh-huh. Joe Biden was unavailable for comment.

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Raju even had the cojones to bring up McConnell’s inconsequential fall at Reagan International earlier this month.

And then we—the major incident that I referred to in March that we know about, and then later, the—another one that occurred just this month, or earlier this month, when he was getting off the plane at Reagan National airport. He was walking off the—the plane and he did s—fall as well, I am told. Now, tha—after that incident, he returned to the Capitol and continued his work day.

Oh, noes! Joe Biden was unavailable for comment.

Joe Biden, Biden Trips
Screenshot via YouTube

Raju suggested McConnell’s Thursday “freeze” might have been related to his fall earlier this year.

Now, this all came before the incident we saw yesterday, in which Senator McConnell was at his press conference, made some remarks and then suddenly froze for some time. And then came back and later answered questions, including one from myself, asking him what happened there.

He said that he is fine. He later told reporters again he is fine, but he has not yet explained what happened yesterday exactly, what was the actual root cause of the reason why he froze, and whether it had anything to do with that fall from earlier this year, or any other lingering health issues. The—his office had said that he had felt light-headed, which is the reason why he stepped aside at yesterday’s press conference.

The country is obviously in peril! Joe Biden was unavailable for comment.

Joe Biden, Biden Trips
AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Ah, but remember, Mitch is 81 years old. Why, that’s light years older than Joe Biden, who was born a whole nine months after McConnell was born.

But no doubt questions continue to persist about the 81-year-old Republican leader. He says he’s fine, but also, how long will he stay as Republican leader and as—in his seat. His term expires at the end of 2026, and he’s Republican leader until the end of this Congress, what will he do next Congress? John.

Memo to Manu:

Remember Biden’s defiant “Watch me!” in response to questions about his health and mental acuity? Yeah, me too. And, Manu? How’s that working out?


The Bottom Line

While there’s nothing new here about CNN’s hopeless hypocrisy, the hilarious part is that these people and those like them are incapable of intellectual honesty and devoid of the self-awareness necessary to realize they’ve reduced themselves to tragic comedy.

Did I mention that Joe Biden was unavailable for comment?

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