WATCH: Bill Melugin Mic Drops KJP on Biden Border Crisis After Meltdown Over Peter Doocy’s Questions


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As RedState previously reported, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had an incredibly bizarre meltdown Thursday when asked a simple question from Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy what the Biden administration would call 10,000 illegal immigrants illegally crossing the southern border in one day if not a full-blown border crisis.

Instead of answering the question, Jean-Pierre in turn began asking a question to Doocy about Republicans, at which point he reminded her that he was the one who was supposed to be asking questions and not her.  At that point, she cut him off and moved on to another reporter, refusing to engage with him after he repeatedly tried to get her attention.

But though Joe Biden’s woefully unprepared spokeswoman wouldn’t answer the pointed question, Doocy’s colleague Bill Melugin, who has been covering the border for over two years now, was more than willing to step up to the plate in response to what went down in the press briefing room, dropping a pretty epic series of fact checks on the Biden White House in the process.

In the below clip, Melugin takes Jean-Pierre to task for claiming the Biden administration was “stopping the flow” of illegal immigrants at the border.

“Does this look like stopping the flow?” Melugin asked while noting that Eagle Pass “has been completely overrun.”

In another couple of clips, Melugin cited numbers for those illegally crossing into the United States, and pointed out that Eagle Pass’ mayor is a Democrat who has pleaded with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for assistance even if it’s just to “put out a statement”:

Later, Melugin reported that Biden’s DHS acknowledged the border surge in a phone call, but faulted “the economic fallout from COVID, to climate change, and to authoritarian regimes.” Melugin scoffed at the climate change excuse, telling Fox News that he’s never had a single illegal immigrant tell him that’s why they were crossing:

DHS “acknowledged that there is a surge in the border numbers rn, but attributed [it] to economic fallout from COVID, to climate change, and to authoritarian regimes. Guys, in the more than two years I’ve been doing this, the amount of migrants that have told me climate change is a reason they are coming here would be zero. Zero…[Y]ou guys see the result right here. This has been going on all morning long, you guys have been watching the drone shots.”


When Fox News anchor John Roberts asked Melugin about Jean-Pierre’s claim that Biden has taken “historic action” to curb the border surge, Melugin referenced Biden’s failed “mass paroles” program and a CBP app, the latter of which Melugin says is filled with glitches, which just gives illegal immigrants one more excuse to try to cross by other means:

“So, the biggest thing the WH did, which they thought was going to solve the crisis was the CBP1 app and mass paroles…The migrants aren’t happy with the CPB1 app. They say it takes forever to make an appointment. The app keeps crashes on them. They don’t like it. They don’t want to use it. So, instead, why wait for that when you can cross the river, get processed, and then get released into the community?”


Illegal immigrants “don’t have a fear of consequence for crossing the border illegally,” Melugin stated. “[T]hey don’t fear removal and they smile and they wave & they say the border is open.”

Melugin saved the best for towards the end of the segment, fact-checking Jean-Pierre and other members of Biden’s team as he often has by doing a quick rundown of past statements:

“I’ve made notes on what [KJP] has said at that–at the podium before. She has falsely stated that they ‘reduced illegal immigration by 90%.’ She said that ‘nobody is walking across the river.’ That is also false. She said they are ‘stopping the flow.’ That is also false. And…she said President Biden has done more than anybody to secure the border. I’ll–you know, our viewers can decide the answer, but the numbers have never been higher. Border Patrol agent morale has never been lower.”


Can only speak for myself here, but when it comes to who to believe regarding what’s actually happening at the southern border, I know where I stand – and it’s not with the Biden White House.

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