WaPo Gets Ratioed Into Next Week for Hilarious Propaganda Take About Joe Biden


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The liberal media has a tough job trying to sell Joe Biden. 

The economy is terrible, Bidenflation is ripping money right out of the American people’s pockets, and Biden’s approval is in the basement. 

Plus, Biden is incoherent, doesn’t seem to know what year it is, and can’t stop touching kids in a creepy way. Beyond the incoherence and the false stories, he just appears worn out and old, zones out, and is barely able to make it through events anymore without a number of gaffes. It’s why in poll after poll, Americans say he shouldn’t be running again. Even CNN’s Harry Enten had to admit Biden’s approval on the economy “stinks” and Congressional Republicans were doing better.  

But you wouldn’t know that if you just read the liberal media. Sometimes the propaganda is so thick, it’s like they’re spreading it on with a trowel. In the case of the Washington Post’s description of Joe Biden’s visit to a middle school on Monday, it was so bad, that it was funny, how much they were trying to whip up excitement for someone so uninspiring.  

“Oh, my God, it’s really you!” shouted a student when Biden visited and the WaPo noted that one staffer said, “This is like the Beatles.” 

How desperate is the media at this point to try something so laughable? This is next-level Baghdad Bob/North Korean state propaganda-type stuff. I mean he’s about the same age as the surviving Beatles, I’ll give him that. but come on, man!

Even in the picture above, you can see many of them are turned away from him. On top of that, the kid they have him shaking hands with, put her head down to go to sleep while he was there and that’s when he came over to her, woke her up, and then weirdly stroked her cheek, as I reported.

That wasn’t the only propaganda in the story. The school was selected for achievements on standardized exams. Check out what qualifies as “achievement” in a D.C. public school. 

 Nearly 34 percent of the student body at Eliot-Hine is meeting or exceeding expectations in reading, compared with about 23 percent in 2019. Math proficiency grew about three percentage points, from almost 13 percent in 2019 to nearly 16 percent in 2023, city data shows.

34 percent meeting expectations? But that’s better than other places. Yikes. That’s in a Democratic-run area. That’s the real story here. But they paint it like that’s good. 

But people let the WaPo have it for such a ridiculous story and ratioed them into next week It gave everyone a great laugh. If there is anyone less like The Beatles than Joe, I’m not aware of it. 

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