Viral ‘Instagram Famous’ Influencer Morgan Osman Denies Claims She Was ‘Kicked Off’ Plane, Says She Asked to Leave to Avoid ‘Turning Violent’


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A fashion designer and former reality show actress who has garnered hundreds of thousands of likes on Instagram for risqué photos has gone viral for her outburst on an American Airlines flight.

Video of Morgan Osman calling other passengers on a plane “bums” and spewing a slew of profanities went viral on social media on Sunday, Sept. 17.

Viral 'Instagram Famous' Influencer Morgan Osman Denies Claims She Was 'Kicked Off' Plane, Says She Asked to Leave to Avoid 'Turning Violent'

Morgan Osman (Twitter video and Instagram/Morgan Osman)

“Call me a b—h again,” Osman said to another passenger off-screen in the 20-second video.

“I did nothing wrong,” she continues as she removes her luggage from the plane’s overhead bin.

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“I said shut up,” a man replies.

“You shut the f–k up,” she shouts back as she walks away with her bags before posing to the person behind the camera. “Film me, I’m Instagram famous, you f–king bum.”


Clips of the interaction garnered thousands of views before several social media users pointed out the woman was a former cast member of Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club.” The show, according to Oxygen, is one on which “seven feisty alpha females from rival coasts will show that the east and west have very different ways of handling their business when dueling over style and territory.”

Osman has 977,000 followers on Instagram, where she’s always showing skin. In a series of Instagram Story posts on Monday, Sept. 18, Osman said she wasn’t “kicked off” the flight as reported but “asked to leave instead of turning violent.”

The influencer is one of many people who have been captured on video having outbursts on commercial flights.

Dallas native Tiffany Gomas made headlines after having an apparent meltdown in July on an American Airlines flight, causing a stir about a passenger she claimed was “not real.”

“I’m telling you, I’m getting the f–k off, and there’s a reason why,” the person said before screeching, “And everyone can either believe it or they cannot believe it. I don’t give two f–ks, but I am telling you right now that motherf–ker back there is not real.”

Gomas was later dubbed the “Crazy Plane Lady” by the internet.


In August, a drunk woman and her traveling companies were removed from a plane after being involved in a brawl on a Ryanair flight to Ibiza.

According to federal aviation regulations, passengers can be removed from flights for disruptive behavior, intoxication, refusal to comply with crew instructions, security concerns, health issues, overbooking, ticket problems, late arrivals and making threats or disruptive comments.

Each airline may have its own specific policies and procedures for handling such situations, and the decision to remove a passenger ultimately rests with the airline and its crew. In severe cases, passengers may face legal consequences, fines, or future flight bans for their actions.

Spirit Airlines passenger Que Maria Scott was placed on the “no-flight” list after initiating an attack on an Atlanta airport gate worker in April.

According to the FBI, a person on the “no-fly” list “prohibits an individual who may present a threat to civil aviation or national security from boarding a commercial aircraft that traverses U.S. airspace.”

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