'View' Segment on Romney Devolves After Whoopi Goldberg Tells Alyssa Farah Griffin She Looks Pregnant


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As my RedState colleagues and I have noted many times here before, ABC’s “The View” is absolutely not the place to go if you want rational, enlightened commentary and informed insights on the hot stories of the day. 

But though it doesn’t have that (or much else) going for it, the show does provide unintentional comedic value from time to time, which is precisely where we found ourselves during the Thursday episode, where one of the topics being discussed by the co-hosts was Sen. Mitt Romney’s (R-Utah) announcement that he would not seek reelection in 2024.

Longtime co-host Whoopi Goldberg was in the middle of a rant about the alleged “rot” of the modern Republican party in comparison to earlier versions and how Democrats were supposedly more compassionate and caring toward their fellow man when she abruptly stopped in the middle of it to ask co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin if she was pregnant. 

Things devolved quickly from there, although Griffin handled it pretty well considering her mother-in-law was in the audience:

Griffin, 34, leaned back from the table in surprise and exclaimed, “No! Oh, my God.”

She then laughed nervously, adding, “You can’t say that when my mother-in-law is here, who has been dying for me to get pregnant.

“Why?” the political strategist, who has been married to Justin Griffin since 2021, went on to ask. “Do I look pregnant? Please tell me it’s not my tummy.”

Goldberg went on to apologize but also told Griffin that she thought she had that pregnancy “glow.” Meanwhile, co-host Sunny Hostin quipped that they should take bets around the table on whether Griffin was actually pregnant or not. Co-host Sara Haines joked that Griffin should name her firstborn after Goldberg. An embarrassed Griffin in turn told them that she hoped to get pregnant at some point but that she was “pretty sure” that she wasn’t at that moment.

She vowed to take a pregnancy test when she got home to be on the safe side.

Watch the reactions of the co-hosts and audience below:

It’s long been considered taboo to randomly ask a woman (especially one you don’t know or know well) if she’s pregnant, and for good reasons. Because of that, Goldberg took some hits from viewers of the show in the aftermath. But in the scheme of things, considering all the other topics they dive into on a regular basis on which they have not the first clue, if this is the route they want to take their shows going forward I’m 100 percent all for it.

To reiterate a point I’ve made previously, America would be a much better place if people simply stopped watching “The View.” Absent that, the next best thing is to have them go full Housewives of New York City and leave the political debates to the adults in some other room.

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