University Teaches Law Students Colorblindness Is Racist, Whites Must Stop Defending Their 'Uncle Adolf'


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Racism, we’re enduringly informed, is our ongoing national nightmare. But in case there was any confusion, a college has pinpointed the source: It emanates exclusively from one identity group.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison mandates diversity training for its law students, and the first-year instruction addresses America’s racist rot. 

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Developed by Community Antiracism Education Initiative organizer Debra Leigh — and as shared online by Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty — the guidance lists 28 “common racist attitudes and behaviors.” These aberrant acts “indicate a detour or wrong turn into white guilt, denial or defensiveness.” Across five pages, the racism-razing tutorial employs the word “white” 107 times. 

Among radically racist Aryan atrocity:

  • “Character, not color, is what counts with me.”
  • “I taught my children that racism is wrong.”
  • “America is the land of opportunity…where anyone with grit can succeed…”
  •  “We have advertised everywhere, there just aren’t any qualified people of color for this job.”
  • “I marched with Dr. King.”
  • Charity that benefits minorities
  • Due process
  • Penitence
  • “I want to stop acting like a racist, so please tell me when I do something you think is racist.”
  • “Affirmative action had a role years ago, but today it’s just reverse racism…”
  • You…interrupt racist remarks when the right people are watching and when there is no risk… You look like an anti-racist.

And three ol’ familiar ones:

  • “I do all my antiracism with whites only.”
  • “That’s just the way Uncle Adolf jokes. He’s very polite to the black janitor in his building.”
  • “I was an Indian in a former life.”

With each indicated incidence of iniquity, a “reality check” is provided. Pertaining to piles of pale reincarnationists who swear they were once American Indians (who, according to experts, are not “indigenous”):

This is spiritual or cultural appropriation and poses a serious threat to the integrity and survival of native cultures. To fill a void in their own spiritual core, some white people are drawn into the New Age garden to pick from a variety of native spiritual practices usually offered for sale. (White writers, such as Lynn Andrews and others, garner high profits from fictitious “Indian” writing and teaching, while many native writers can’t find publishers.) … Their land and livelihoods stolen, indigenous peoples now see white people trying to steal their spirituality. Rather than escape one’s white racism by finding a spiritual path, whites instead collude in one more way with the genocidal attacks on native cultures.

And regarding all your Uncle Adolfs:

We’re trapped by another version of white guilt response. Whites attempt to excuse, defend or cover up racist actions of other white people. White people are particularly prone to this if the other person is close, family or friend, and if we feel their actions reflect on us.

If the teaching is correct, all whites must be racist. Conversely, no others are. It’s the doctrine of the day, along with the idea that colorblindness is for the birds. And birds of a feather should stick together:

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The SC Times states that Debra Leigh — having co-founded the Community Antiracism Education Initiative roughly 20 years ago — “has insight on how to…unravel racism.”

Pummeling the problem is a tall order, given her doled ins and outs of the issue. As for what would constitute a complete correction, perplexingly, she said the following during a 2020 interview:

“I intend for my grandsons to grow up in a society, in a world, in a community where they are respected because of the content of their character, their intellect, their creativity, their imagination, their humanness.”

Per her own instruction, wouldn’t that be racist? 

Questions abound. A host of answers are being bequeathed to a new generation of attorneys — trained at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and conceivably coming to a court near you.


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