Ukrainian drone first forces Russian T-90M Proryv tank to retreat, then destroys it – video


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Only one of the crew members managed to survive

Only one of the crew members managed to survive

Remarkable video has emerged of a Ukrainian combat drone attacking one of Russia’s much-vaunted T-90M Proryv tanks, then pursuing it as it attempts to flee, disabling it with another grenade as it was moving, and then finally finishing off the stalled tank off with a hit that caused a massive explosion.

A video of the successful attack was shared on Twitter by Ukrainian MP Yurii Mysyahin on Aug. 4.

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In the footage, after the initial attack on the stationary tank, it remained operational and attempted to flee. In response, the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ drone operator started a relentless pursuit of the Russian tank, ultimately accomplishing its mission.

As the Russian tank roared off into the night, the drone shadowed it from above, dropping a second and then a third grenade. The second grenade detonates behind the Russian tank, but the third strikes its turret, and the tank grinds to a halt.

At this point, one member of the T-90M’s crew is seen scrambling down from the tank, apparently managing to survive and escape. But his comrades-in-arms, along with the tank itself, were certainly obliterated when the tank’s ammunition exploded.

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After the tank crewmember flees, the drone homes in for the kill, dropping a fourth and then a fifth grenade on the Russian tank.

The fifth grenade triggers a massive explosion, after which the video abruptly ends.

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It appears the explosion from the detonation of the tank’s ammunition was so powerful that the drone, despite successfully completing its mission, was unable reach a safe altitude and was unfortunately lost in action.

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