Trump Rails Against the 'Lunatic Left' and Biden Legal Drain on His Campaign's Spending at the Iowa State Fair


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Former President Donald Trump on Saturday blamed his political enemies for legal fees he’s incurred over the course of three recent indictments.

Trump posted on his social media site Truth Social slamming the “Lunatic Left” for his “vast” legal fees, less than two weeks after FEC filings revealed that his operation is bleeding campaign funds to pay bills related to his mounting legal challenges.

Trump’s Save America PAC shrank from over $100 million at the beginning of last year to $3.6 million after bankrolling legal fees for the former president and his allies, according to filings first reported in The Washington Post. Filings also show that Save America and five other Trump committees have spent a total of over $40 million in legal fees since the start of 2021.

The Lunatic Left, working closely with Crooked Joe Biden and his corrupt DOJ, is not only focusing on Election Interference, but on getting the Trump Campaign to spend vast amounts of money on legal fees, thereby having less to spend on ads showing that Crooked Joe is the WORST PRESIDENT IN U.S. HISTORY!

Do campaign filings dictate enthusiasm or momentum? Time will tell, but Trump’s appearance at the Iowa State Fair was greeted with great enthusiasm and much momentum.



Trump talked about how Biden and Co. have wrecked the country.



When asked whether he would be taking a plea deal in Fulton County, Trump did his usual pushback with the press.

As my colleague Nick Arama wrote last week, throwing everything at the wall to stop Trump does not seem to be working out very well for the Left. The American people who support Trump have not and will not budge. The American people who believe in the rule of law and not a two-tier justice system that weaponizes law enforcement against citizens who they do not like may well start leaning in Trump’s direction the longer this plays out.

In fact, with each indictment, his strength in the GOP primary has grown. Some of the polls have also indicated Trump is leading Biden. The most recent Morning Consult poll has him up by a point, for example, with 6,000 registered voters.

Sunday morning’s Real Clear Politics Average poll temperature shows Trump is still above the fray at 43 percent, while Florida Governor Ron DeSantis trails far behind at 15 percent. In Iowa, Trump is at 44 percent, DeSantis is at 17 percent, and Senator Tim Scott has taken the No. 3 slot with nine percent. If the Fulton County D.A. goes full speed ahead with another indictment, we may well see another “Trump bump” from this.

The Trump enthusiasm, at least in Iowa, has not dissipated and ultimately translates into fundraising. Americans will continue to support the former president financially, in large and small ways. Which is why legacy media talking head and former Fox News pundit Jonah Goldberg had to sound the bat signal about the dangerous unchecked rubes who keep giving money to Trump.

Cry more, Jonah.

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