Tour a 120-Square-Foot Tiny Farmhouse in Malibu With Unexpected Potential


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The moment Jenny moved her mattress up the wooden ladder to create a lofted bed, carefully fitted with neutral linens and soft lighting, was when she realized the true potential of this tiny 120-square-foot abode. “While many tiny homes take on the concept of tucking things away in cabinets or crevices, I found charm in having it all on display,” explains Jenny, who became accustomed to a weekly flea market trip. “Day-by-day, I pieced together accents, details, and creative ways to bring life to such a small space without an added sense of overcrowding.” All of this layering helped her honor the spirit of the tiny home, as well as her predecessors. In a space near the kitchen, for example, she hung a framed photograph of one of the ranch hands who used to work on the property generations ago.

Creating an immediate sense of warmth and comfort was a top priority. A traditional-style fireplace was one of the first features to be added to the space. Its placement in the room provides a focal point for people and furniture to gather around. The petite sofa is by Børge Mogensen.

Today the notable warmth of the interiors can be immediately felt from outside, where one can catch a glimpse of a candle flame through the 100-year-old casement windows. Once inside, a central fireplace, vintage sofa, bar for entertaining, quaint workspace, and kitchen quickly come into view. “It’s truly a space where flair meets function,” Jenny says. While the intention of a tiny home is to live with less, Jenny decided to ditch the phrase ‘less is more’ and instead opt for an alternative ethos, in which rustic finishes, textured fabrics, and rich color are heartily welcomed. “There is an unexpected sense of home that surprises people,” Jenny explains. “A house can be simple, but a home, like a human, is nowhere close.”

The way the furniture is arranged creates a natural division of the room into distinct micro-spaces, each with its own purpose. The result is a cohesive yet multifunctional area that can be used simultaneously for different activities.

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