Tips to ease knee pain, experts' flu season ideas — and which arm should you choose for the COVID vax?


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ANOTHER TRIPLEDEMIC? – Doctors offer predictions for the 2023-2024 flu season. Continue reading…

DRUGS IN DISGUISE – The FDA cracks down on companies selling illegal vapes in kid-enticing designs. Continue reading…

RIGHT OR LEFT? – When getting a COVID vaccine, here’s why choosing one arm may trigger a “stronger immune response” than the other. Continue reading…

Woman getting vaccine

A new study suggests that one arm may have a better immune-boosting effect than the other. Click on the story to learn more! (iStock)

NEST EGG – Fertility specialists explain the process, risks and costs of egg-freezing. Continue reading…

PROTECTING BABIES – The FDA approved the first maternal vaccine to prevent RSV in infants. Continue reading…

ASK A DOC – An ER physician and artificial intelligence expert answers 25 questions about using AI in health care. Continue reading…

Dr. Harvey Castro - AI questions

Dr. Harvey Castro, an emergency medicine physician in Coppell, Texas, is also a consultant and speaker on AI and ChatGPT in health care. He responded to 25 burning questions about AI and health care.  (Dr. Harvey Castro/iStock)

ALZHEIMER’S ANTIDOTE? – Adult vaccines could reduce seniors’ risk of Alzheimer’s, study finds. Continue reading…

CANCER TREND – More young people are diagnosed with certain types of the disease. Continue reading…

SAVE THE KNEES – An expert shared 6 tips to preserve the knees after an arthritis diagnosis. Continue reading…

Man knee stretch

Osteoarthritis has no cure, but a joint surgeon says symptoms can be managed. Here’s what to know.  (iStock)








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