Tinashe Raves About Her 'Massive Taco Tuesday' Parties


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Tinashe isn’t just a superstar singer — she’s a chef!

“My favorite show is MasterChef. I love to cook!” Tinashe, 30, exclusively dishes in Us Weekly’s 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me feature. “If I wasn’t a singer, I would be a chef.”

When she isn’t in the recording studio making hits — her sixth studio album, BB/ANG3L, dropped on Friday, September 8 — she’s serving up delicious Mexican dishes.

“My favorite things to cook are tacos,” Tinashe says. “I used to throw massive Taco Tuesday parties and cook myself.”

Scroll down to learn 25 thing fans might not know about Tinashe:

1. The [best] place I’ve partied is Tokyo because we got to dress up in onesies and be silly, and my favorite place to shop is Milan.

2. My favorite color is orange. I generally love warm/sunset tones, from yellows to pinks.

3. My first kiss was on a golf course and he was a golfer. I always loved the athletes!

4. I hate condiments — no mustard, no mayo, just plain.

5. I love listening to classical music or jazz during the day. I find it very calming and it sets a good vibe for my plants.

6. My [go-to] In-N-Out order is a No. 2 plain with extra cheese.

7. I’m terribly afraid of spiders.

8. My favorite things to cook are tacos. I used to throw massive Taco Tuesday parties and cook myself.

9. The very first song I wrote was when I was 5, and it was a spooky song about being alone and protection.

10. Pepe’s Mexican is my favorite restaurant in L.A. I always get the tacos!

11. I’m a huge gamer. My favorite game is Call of Duty.

12. My favorite show is MasterChef. I love to cook! If I wasn’t a singer, I would be a chef.

Tinashe Used to Throw 'Massive Taco Tuesday' Parties and 24 More Things You Don't Know About the Singer
Amy Sussman/Filmagic

13. I love driving and listening to music. Back when I still lived with my parents and would record [songs] in my bedroom, it was a really important ritual for me to drive around and listen to my music out loud. I still love to go on joyrides, and I also approve my music mixes based on what it sounds like in my car versus my studio.

14. The last thing I ordered on Postmates was ramen. I love a classic Tonkotsu.

15. My favorite fruit is passion fruit, although they’re sometimes hard to find in L.A. I also love raspberries.

16. I played softball, basketball and soccer and [practiced] Tae Kwan Do.

17. Dr. Barbara Sturm’s extra-thick Face Cream Rich moisturizer is my go-to.

18. I only like musical collaborators who are down to get experimental with their sounds in the studio.

19. I’d rather host a party than attend one.

20. Growing up, my bedroom was painted teal.

21. My favorite drinks are pinot noir [and] champagne.

22. I prefer to wear mixed metals rather than just gold or silver.

23. I take baths over showers always — I love a spa.

24. I hate chocolate.

25. My favorite cheese is cheddar.

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