This Week In Credit Card News: Consumers Struggle With Card Debt; Some Casinos Offering Mobile Payments


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Struggling with Credit Card Debt? So Are Millions of Americans

With the cost of living rising, Americans aren’t using credit cards to splash out on designer clothes or spa weekends as much as they are to pay for basics like food and gas. As the mountain of America’s credit card debt reaches the $1 trillion mark, people are getting worried. A majority of 55% of Americans are either “very” or “fairly” concerned about their ability to pay off their credit card debt this year, according to an exclusive Newsweek poll. If we include those who are only “slightly” concerned, it goes up to 74%. [Newsweek]

The Amazing Traffic Increase in Casinos Offering Mobile Payments

The casino industry, a vibrant and fast-evolving sector, has witnessed significant transformation in recent years. A key driver of this change has been the rapid adoption of innovative technologies that improve user experience, among which mobile payments have emerged as a game changer. Mobile payment solutions in casinos have not only revolutionized the way customers interact with gaming platforms but also significantly impacted casino traffic. Indeed, the proliferation of mobile payments has triggered a remarkable upswing in visitor numbers at casinos that have embraced this technology. [Business Mole]

Bank Economists Expect Credit Conditions to Weaken Through 2023

In the wake of the Federal Reserve’s aggressive efforts to tame inflation by boosting rates 10 times since early 2022 and driving up borrowing costs, bank economists expect credit availability to further diminish and loan losses to increase in the second half of this year. The American Bankers Association’s Economic Advisory Committee, composed of bank economists, expects credit conditions to soften over the remainder of the year due to a slowing economy and elevated borrowing costs. [American Banker]

Here’s Why Credit Card Applications Ask About Bank Accounts and How Having Them Can Help Your Approval Odds

While not all card issuers use a custom credit score, it’s still helpful to have savings and checking accounts when applying for credit, as most risk-assessment systems count these as a sign you’re safe to lend to. Having a preexisting relationship with a bank can increase your credit card application’s approval odds. And having a bank account can make you more likely to receive prequalified or preapproved card offers. Cardholders who have accounts with their card issuer may find the bank more willing to waive fees or offer incentives. [CNBC]

Visa Demoted to Second Most Used Debit Card in 2022

Visa has been the world’s most popular debit card provider for many years. However, according to the latest research, China UnionPay overtook the U.S. Visa debit card for the first-time last year. Out of the total 624.86 billion worldwide card transactions from Visa, UnionPay, Mastercard, American Express, and other major card providers, UnionPay accounted for 40.03% of the world’s debit card market in 2022 while Visa fell short at 38.78%. The count of card payments continues to grow year over year. When comparing 2021 to 2022, there was a 7.5% increase in card payments. [Payments Journal]

CFPB Says Consumers in the South Face Banking Deserts, Higher Rates

Rural counties in Southern states have fewer bank branches and residents are denied home loans at higher rates compared to other regions of the country. The CFPB issued two reports analyzing banking and consumer credit trends in the South, an eight-state region where roughly 7 million people have lived in poverty for at least 30 years. Many areas of the South are considered “banking deserts” because of the dearth of banks and credit unions, particularly in rural areas. The Southern region also has fewer branches per resident than elsewhere in the country, with 3.6 branches per 10,000 people, compared to five nationally. [American Banker]

​Will Gift Cards and Exchanges Cut the Cost of Online Returns?

University research posits that offering product exchanges or gift cards for returns rather than crediting a customer’s card may be retail’s best option to reduce the cost of online returns. Consumers were found to be more open to spending money again with a retailer when consumers chose to accept an exchange or gift card rather than just get the money back. [Retail Wire]

Mastercard Files New Trademark for Crypto Tools

Payment processor giant Mastercard has filed a trademark application for a series of cryptocurrency and blockchain-based tools, reaffirming its commitment to embracing digital currencies. The application suggests that Mastercard plans to develop software for cryptocurrency and blockchain transactions and aims to interconnect virtual asset service providers for streamlined crypto transactions. The trademark application details highlight the development of downloadable application programming interface (API) software aimed at verifying interactions using blockchain networks and processing or exchanging cryptocurrencies. The API software is also intended to connect virtual asset service providers to facilitate crypto transactions. [U Today]

Getting a Crypto Bill Through Congress is Only the First Hurdle

Though congressional leaders have continued to spar over the best course of action for crypto regulation, getting a bill to the president’s desk may only be the start of the battle. Federal policy expert Dorothy DeWitt cautioned crypto companies on Friday that even if policy advances, rules can take a decade or more to pass. DeWitt served as former chief finance counsel to the Senate and former director of the CFTC’s division of oversight. DeWitt pointed to the Dodd Frank Act, which was published in 2010, but its final rules were not passed through the CFTC until 2021. [Blockworks]

Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card Launches $750 Bonus Offer

The Capital One Ventures Reward Credit Card has launched a terrific deal: sign up as a new customer and receive 75,000 points after you spend $4,000 on purchases in the first 3 months. These points are worth $750 toward travel when redeemed through the Capital One travel portal, or you can swap them on a 1:1 basis for a number of airline frequent flyer schemes. [Kiplinger]

Mastercard Is Planning to Help You Recycle Credit Cards from Any Bank

Mastercard announced the rollout of its global card recycling program on Wednesday. Mastercard wants to partner with banks to provide collection boxes where you can deposit your expired debit and credit cards, even if they’re not issued by Mastercard, where they’ll be shredded and sent for recycling. The material from your card, including the chip, will then be separated and smelted so it can be turned into new products. [CNet]

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